An Academy Update for Wealth Accelerator

If You Are Tired Of Feeling Stuck And Don’t Know How To Become Financially Free…

Then this is for you.

Our Wealth Accelerator Academy is an ONLINE INTERACTIVE education program that helps you develop a financial road map towards financial freedom faster.

We will teach you how to: 

– think like a wealthy, abundant steward of your money, 

– improve your monthly cash flow, 

– find investments and increase your passive income, 

– utilize little-known tax strategies,

– pay down debt faster, 

– and utilize infinite banking to get your money to pay you TWICE!

The course consists of 6 lessons and activities to prepare you for your passive investing journey!

We’ll get you set up on your path to financial freedom. 

We will also be hosting virtual small group coaching calls every month to discuss various financial topics, and answer YOUR specific questions.

Here’s the course breakdown:

Lesson 1 – Money Mindset

To become wealthy, you have to think like the wealthy. That includes thinking abundantly, even when problems arise, so you can better problem solve.

Lesson 2 – Increasing Cashflow

These 7 strategies to increase your cash flow TODAY have helped hundreds of our clients find an extra $34,000 on average in the 1st year alone!

Lesson 3 – Infinite Banking

Mastering this strategy will allow you to get paid TWICE from the money you use in your business or investments!

Lesson 4 – Investing Like A Pro

In addition to traditional stock or mutual fund-based investments, what are the alternative investments you can do that can produce 10%+ returns each year with LESS risk?

Lesson 5 – Real Estate: Due Diligence & Risk Management

Learn how you can do the proper research to determine whether or not an investment is safe. And get access to our rolodex of vetted CPA’s, attorneys, insurance specialists, and more!

Lesson 6 – Your Anti-Financial Plan

Create a financial plan that doesn’t have to gamble your future on Wall Street, and use asset-backed investments from Main Street to accelerate your passive income to shave DECADES off of your current retirement trajectory.

If you are looking for a new path and want to truly get out of the rat race… you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and hoping, praying that something is going to change… then this is your chance. 

This is what you’ve been wanting and waiting for. 

A lot of people think they have to be a genius in finances to make money. That’s not true. 

In fact, the less you know about traditional investments the better it’s going to be for you. 

You can become financially independent no matter what your circumstances are right now. I know this because I was just like you. Living paycheck to paycheck, racking credit card debt and wondering when my dreams will come true.

I was just like millions of other people. 

I wanted to get out of the hole I was in. I wanted financial freedom so I could live my life to the fullest. 

If this sounds like you and are tired of living paycheck to paycheck then you probably feel as if something has to give…

So you’ve probably turned to financial “gurus” who teach the philosophies of the importance of being out of the rat race, but what they don’t do is teach you how to do it.


Day after day. 

Week after week. 

Year after year.

Nothing changes.

You can’t live your dreams because you don’t know what to do, how to do it but know that financial freedom is important. 

In the Wealth Accelerator Academy, I teach you how to build your wealth so you can stop dreading your bills and fearing money. 

If you’ve read this far then you know it’s time for a change. 

I’ve literally built this course, especially for YOU. 

The Wealth Accelerator Academy teaches you the principles and foundations of wealth and how I built mine. I teach you thesame principles and strategies I’ve been able to become a millionaire, twice and have helped over 900 people achieve their financial goals.

When I was a Financial Advisor, I believed a lot of things that weren’t true. 

I was trained, coaxed, and told over and over again that traditional investing was the way to become wealthy and I believed them. 

You’ve probably heard people say the same thing:

  • “Invest in a 401k.”
  • “Mutual funds are the way to go!”
  • “You gotta start investing in Cryptocurrency…”

…and I listened and I did what they told me to do, yet I didn’t become wealthy doing what they told me nor did my clients.

But, one day I was talking with a friend Doug, who had also been a Financial Advisor, and what he told me shattered my beliefs about traditional investing practices. 
He did this by asking me one question that shook me to my core.

Doug: “Out of all the financial advisors that you know, and I know you’ve been in this game a few years… How many of them are financially free, including you?”

Me: “Well, none…”

So I committed myself to learning what it really took to become financially free, quit my job and I did whatever it took to learn. From listening to talk radio shows, reading books, to you name it and I probably did it. 

By the age of 28, I became a financially free millionaire and was able to retire from the rat race.

Are you ready to learn how to become wealthy?

Some people think that retiring is something that takes 30+ years at a company and you have to wait until you’re 65 to retire and “live out the golden years”. 

Meanwhile, those same people are investing in 401k plans and doing what everyone else is doing, because they believe that “it’s a smart move”. 

…but it’s not! In fact, it’s one of the worst ways to become wealthy. 

Let me explain.

Your 401k Plan Isn’t Going
To Make You Wealthy.

Think about this for a moment if you have or get a 401k you are literally locking up and giving your money to someone who you don’t even know. Then you are hoping that they make you money.

That doesn’t sound like a good plan to me.

I’ve heard a lot of things about 401k’s. Here are a few common misconceptions about it.

…they are ‘trained professionals’. I was a trained Financial Advisor and I didn’t know how to get my clients wealthy not until I was able to learn the principles and foundations of building wealth, which I teach in the Wealth Accelerator Academy.

…everyone says getting a 401k match is a good thing… Yes a lot of people do. But the truth is, they don’t account for inflation, fees and all the other things that will happen in your life while your money is locked away. By the time they retire they are making less than when they were working and can’t do 99% of the things they had hoped they could because they followed traditional investing methods.

…I can get a loan from my 401k and make payments… Want to remodel your home? Get a new car? You can get a loan from your 401k, but then you have to get approved to get your own money out of the 401k plan, pay a fee and then pay it back with interest. That doesn’t sit well with me. In my opinion, In the Wealth Accelerator Academy, I teach you how to have your money available to you when you need it without having to jump through hoops.

Plus, in the Wealth Accelerator Academy, I will show you strategies and alternative investment opportunities that you probably never even considered or heard of before. Like turnkey real estate, syndications, oil and gas, infinite banking, etc…

The cold hard truth is that if you don’t want to live like everyone else, you need to do something different.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
-Mark Twain

With Wealth Accelerator Academy, I teach you principles and foundations that will help you increase your wealth by investing in alternative investments.

You can retire and be financially free much sooner, 15-20 years faster by investing and thinking differently.

Wealth Accelerator Academy isn’t about what’s “hot” in the stock market or what’s hot in real estate, it’s much more than that. 

Instead, the Wealth Accelerator Academy, teaches you the principles and foundations of investing.  It teaches you about different kinds of investments that most people have never heard of.

In fact, these same principles and investing strategies I teach you got me out of one million dollars of debt… in less than 6 years. That’s while providing for eight children and having a lifestyle that didn’t live off of rice and beans!

Some people think that becoming a millionaire or living the life of their dreams means they have to make a lot of sacrifices now like…

  • Not spending money on going out to eat.
  • Not going to get coffee at Starbucks.
  • Not buying the things that they love. 

…but that’s not what I teach in the course. 

In the Wealth Academy Accelerator, I teach you how to enjoy your life and money while having access to your money instead of having it locked away for 30+ years.

Instead of teaching you those things that will suck the life out of you and make you to want to quit. 

I this course I teach you how to:

  • Increase and manage your cash flow
  • Invest in alternative investments like oil, land, infinite banking system, etc
  • Strategies to help you find and evaluate investment opportunities
  • And much, much more!

That way you can:

Still go out to eat, go to Starbucks and get that amazing coffee and still enjoy the things you love while building your wealth while learning and building your wealth.

In the Wealth Accelerator Academy, I teach you the same principles, foundations, and strategies that I used to retire the first time and the strategies that helped me get out of $1 million in debt. 

Here are just a few financial topics I go over:

  • How to increase your income by providing value for others
  • Understanding Active, passive and residual income as well as cashflow
  • Wealth Sharing
  • And more!

Our customers and clients are always saying things like…

“…what if we could go on vacation AND we had assets that were generating income and I didn’t have to worry.”

“…I am so happy now, I can be in the arts and have financial freedom. It’s not one or another, it’s both.”

Aren’t Stocks and Mutual Funds A Good Way To Invest? 

A lot of people invest in stocks and mutual funds. But the problem is, stocks and mutual funds are also a great way to lose your money.

Now don’t think that you can’t make a fortune by investing in stocks but the odds are against you, especially if you are just starting to invest. 

Like winning the lottery type of odds.

Have people made money with stocks? Yes. 

But my method of investing is different, faster and can get you 2x the return on interest than buying in stocks and crossing your fingers, praying and hoping that the stock goes up.

In the Wealth Accelerator Academy I teach you strategies and tactics that will enable you to not only have your cash now, but access to it in the future that will help you get a better return on your investment. 

I also teach you only the principles and strategies that have made me a millionaire (twice!) but I also teach you how you can get your money to pay you twice!

Advice From A Person You Can Trust 

Hi, I’m Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” and am the leading authority on how to quickly create cash flow and lasting wealth for my clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! I have been featured in US News, CNN Money,, and have a high reputation for getting my clients life-altering financial results. 

After working as a traditional Financial Advisor and stock coach for several years, I came to a stark realization that the financial advising industry was not showing anyone how to quickly and safely become financially prosperous today.

After leaving that industry, I was able to retire when I was 28, and has since worked to teach his effective, unique strategies, for companies like Freedom Fast Track and Garrett Gunderson, and now Money Ripples, while exposing the popular myths around money that have kept so many from enjoying financial freedom and peace of mind.

I consistently practice and teach small business owners how to do what no other financial advisers can or will – achieve financial prosperity, now and in the future, spending time doing what they love most.

Chris Mile Featured in

So what’s included in the Wealth Accelerator Academy?

You get instant access to over 40 top-notch videos that are broken down into 6 lessons that will help you achieve your dreams faster while living the life you love.

Each lesson is broken down into even smaller lessons so that you can easily grasp the concepts no matter where you are or how much time you have.

“Wealth Accelerator Academy was exactly what we needed to be the launching point for our own personal development and business growth. 

Wealth Accelerator allowed me to unlock creativity and abundance by understanding the core motivations and belief systems at the root of financial concerns.”

-Rachel Marshall


Lesson 1: Money Mindset

  • Welcome to WAA
  • About Your Coaches
  • The Principles
  • The Millionaire Study
  • Scarcity Vs. Abundance
  • Stewardship and Wealth
  • Protect Your Wealth to Grow Your Wealth
  • Your Turn: Time to Find Your Power Hour
  • Call to Action – Power Hour

Lesson 2: Increasing Cashflow

  • Welcome to Cashflow
  • Optimizing Your Cash flow
  • Cashflow Secrets: Money Leaks
  • Cashflow Secrets: Debt and Liabilities
  • Increasing Your Income
  • Your Turn: Did You Do Your Cash Flow Optimizer? 
  • BONUS: The Most Affordable Health Insurance

Lesson 3: Get Your Money To Pay You TWICE

  • Infinite Banking Revealed!
  • Your Turn: Talk to Someone about Using IBC

Lesson 4: Investing Like a Pro

  • Welcome to Investing
  • Investment Options
  • IRAs & 401ks
  • Commodities
  • Structured Notes
  • Syndications & Funds
  • Stocks vs. Real Estate
  • Your Turn: Find 2 Assets
  • Call To Action: Find 2 Assets/Investments

Lesson 5: Real Estate: Due Diligence and Risk Management

  • Introduction to Real Estate
  • 4 Rates of Returns
  • Investment Checklist
  • Investor Scorecard
  • Deal Analysis
  • Your Turn: Craft A Deal

Lesson 6: Your Anti-Financial Plan

  • Making The Plan
  • Putting Your Team Together
  • Building Your Roadmap
  • Client Stories
  • Your Next Steps

But this course doesn’t stop there! 
Get the Wealth Accelerator Academy today and you will also get access to these amazing bonuses!

BONUS #1 Get access to all the monthly coaching calls with me.

I go over what’s happening in the markets, things to steer away from as well as questions from people just like you!

BONUS #2 Generating Additional Streams of Income

  • Leasing Cell Towers
  • Book Flipping

BONUS #3 Find Your Divine Genius

BONUS #4 The Importance of Disability Insurance

“Chris can help you free up cash to help build your dream life, with less stress, and worry than any other program. His team is top-notch and also understands Chiropractors’ needs. I think every chiropractor should understand the Money Ripples program.”

-Chris Moore DC, Pleasant Grove, UT

Get the course today and you will have access to it all year plus each and every group coaching call! Which in itself makes it worth purchasing!

You can become financially independent no matter what your circumstances are right now. 

Let me help you do that.
Start your journey today.

Join today and get instant access to learn the principles and strategies that real wealthy people use to make millions.

“…it’s working and I am so excited.”

It’s not about working smarter, it’s about working right… Education will help you do that.

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