What Suze Orman Doesn’t Understand About Life Insurance

What is the real purpose of Life Insurance? What is it that financial “experts”, like Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey, not understand about life insurance? What are they missing? On today’s episode, Anti-Financial Advisor – Chris Miles breaks down some advice Suze Orman was giving on her podcast about life insurance, which parts are correct,… Continue reading What Suze Orman Doesn’t Understand About Life Insurance

Are You Living on Acres of Diamonds?

Why was Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University, referred to as the penniless millionaire? This, along with other questions, will be answered in this show when Chris MIles talks about  Conwell’s classic Acres of Diamonds message. You will discover how this lawyer, minister, writer, educator, and diplomat who represented the City of Brotherly Love… Continue reading Are You Living on Acres of Diamonds?

The Entrepreneur Trap

How would taking all your profits from your business and re-investing in your business be the WORST thing you can do? Is “Paying yourself” the same as reinvesting in your business? Cash Flow Expert – Chris Miles shares why entrepreneurs keep falling into a financial trap that imprisons them in a “Golden Cage” becoming more and more… Continue reading The Entrepreneur Trap

Are You Sabotaging Your Freedom?

What’s your next “thing” after you hit your cash flow goal and can retire?   What is your legacy or bigger purpose?  Are you sabotaging your financial freedom because you don’t know what your “next” is?  Chris shares some pointers based on his personal experiences. Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial Advisor,” is a leading… Continue reading Are You Sabotaging Your Freedom?

Little Money To Invest?

Have you ever asked, “What can I invest in when I don’t have a lot of money?” When you get extra cash, what do you usually do? Pay off a loan? Save it? Invest? Party? Chris gives you his winning formula for building a strong financial foundation, and investing, even if you have little in… Continue reading Little Money To Invest?

The Power of Now and Taking the Right Action

There are lots of opportunities. If you miss one, remember there is another one coming. However, you have to balance that against procrastination, where you miss opportunity after opportunity… Don’t Let Emotional Scars Mess with Your Mind and Your Financial Future You do not have to go for everything all at once. You can grow… Continue reading The Power of Now and Taking the Right Action