How Do Ripplers Give Abundantly?

How Do Ripplers Give Abundantly?

Christmas is always a wonderful reason to give back, but what if you do it all year long?

A lot of people suffer in silence all year long and every bit of help they can get matters. Giving has always been part of what we do at Money Ripples and as a Rippler, we want you to be able to serve others even when it isn’t the holiday season too.

In this episode, I am telling you the stories of how I was lifted up by people around me when I needed it the most and how you can serve others too, so you can be that light that they need in their darkest days.

Happy Holidays, Ripplers! Let’s continue to serve and help people, even when it’s not Christmas!


“Most of the time the suffering that we do, it’s stuff that happens in silence.”

“Being a rippler does not mean you’re just out of the rat race.”

“If you just stop there, your life is just an empty shell. Yeah, great, you get some freedom, you might buy your time back, but what are you gonna do with that time?”

“Here’s the truth, if you do not change and become the best version of yourself now before you hit that number, things aren’t gonna get better for you.”

“The truth is money is just a magnifier for your soul. It only makes you more of who you already were.”

“It didn’t fill the void, but it made it more bearable than just sitting there, eating ice cream, chips, and salsa, and getting depressed.”

“I was supposed to be the guy that had it all figured out, my ego was just getting crushed because I’m the financial expert and I’m broke. So broke that we couldn’t even buy food.”

“I couldn’t teach people to get out of the rat race because I was back in it.”

“The more we give, the more we receive. We get so much more and it’s not just getting money back. There’s so much more blessings and so much more joy and happiness.”

“During that time of my divorce, I had a lot of them leave than come into my space.”

“We’re not really giving gifts, we’re not really giving things because that stuff just clutters the house, it’s kinda pointless.”

“It’s not about being the king, it’s about being the servant. The servant is the one who gets the most blessings.”

“Give abundantly, receive abundantly.”