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There are LOTS of coaches out there teaching you how to make $100K per year.

But what about those of us that want to make at least $10K per MONTH?

That’s what Michael Marcial does best!

Host and Cash Flow Expert, Chris Miles, interviews Michael Marcial, about how he made more money being homeless in his car, than working for large corporations, and how each of us can create a 5-figure work week.

Tune in now!

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Michael Marcial Bio:

Michael has a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow via sales, marketing, and management process improvement. In other words, he gets you results to create at least a 5-figure work week for entrepreneurs. He’s been featured in Forbes, Inc, and the Today Show, and has worked with $200 Million companies, down to initial start-ups, to help them increase their brand, revenue, and message. In other words, Michael is a regular dude that’s figured some things out!

Chris Miles Bio:

Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

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Create A 5-Figure Work Week

Welcome again to this show, the show that’s all about you. Those that work hard, but you’re tired of working so hard, you want to get your money working harder for you, so you don’t have to work so hard for your money. That’s what this show is all about is creating that life of freedom, abundance, and prosperity today. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for sharing our show. Thanks for reading. I love watching the numbers go up each and every week. You guys are a big part of that. I love hearing the changes you guys are making. Keep that up. If you want certain show topics, shoot me an email,

I’m bringing on a special guest by the name of Michael Marcial. We first met through social media, through the beautiful land of Facebook. I remember seeing Michael, and as a business coach, you could see that he was doing lots of great things. I remember thinking, “Is this guy legit? Is this someone that actually walks the walk, talks the talk, or talks the walk? Is he the real deal?”

I started getting to know him little by little, and we’ve got to hang out in my house for a few hours and talk. I found out he is sincere, authentic, and true to his word. I’m excited to bring him on this show because he’s got a lot of experience. Especially for those of you that are entrepreneurs, if you’re looking to not just hit, like what most entrepreneurs tell me all the time, “If I just did that $10,000 a month,” what if you could do $10,000 in a week? What if you do that each and every week? That’s what we’re going to talk about. Michael has got his Facebook group, the 5-Figure Workweek. I ask you to follow him. Michael, welcome to our show.

Chris, I’m so freaking pumped. That was a stellar introduction. I need that everywhere I go. That was phenomenal.

You earned it. I tell people on this show all the time, I don’t bring on posers. Getting to know people more and more, I can usually pick out BS from people pretty quickly, and you’re definitely not that kind of guy. I appreciate you having you on the show.

I’m super honored to be here. Likewise, getting to know you better over the last year, speaking at events together, and hanging out at your beautiful home. I’m the same, I don’t go on every show, so this has been a long time coming, just us building a relationship. I’m ready to drop some freaking value bombs for your people and light it up.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, about your story, and how you came to be where you are now.

A lot of times, when we talk about our story, it can be about a lot of different things, but I think the most relevant right now is to know one, first and foremost, that I’m a regular dude through and through. There’s almost practically nothing outstanding. My IQ isn’t 148. I’m not like super tall or super good-looking and all these things.

I was 19 years old at the time, I realized that I was always looking for the next thing. I had always felt this passionate, fiery something. I didn’t know quite what it was I was in college at the time. I realized that for me, specifically, it wasn’t college necessarily that I was looking for.

I was looking to apply this passion. I was trying to pour it out. I didn’t know how to do that. As cliché as it sound, I had an opportunity fall into my lap to consult with a new company in their marketing and sales, especially in the online space. That was the new wave at the time, this interweb thing, and that’s what I did.

I figured it out, I was making YouTube videos. Facebook and YouTube were just coming out. At that point, nobody was really utilizing it. I put my head down, I worked my butt off. I figured out how to create content that people actually wanted that was useful and that would create action on their end to buy my client’s products.

I figured out this easy thing that if you ask them what they want, and then you create it, and then you put it in front of their face, then they love you for it. It was awesome. We grew this first company from super small, $50,000 a year in business to $500,000 a year in business, really super quick, within about eighteen months or so.

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From there, I leveraged that success to work with larger companies. My last consulting gig was a few years ago. That was a company that we scaled to almost $400 million a year in revenue. At the time, as you can imagine, I was making a lot of friends online specifically, and they’re asking, “You’re like the most regular. I’m a coach, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m just looking for one client, and you’re bringing on clients that are doing like hundreds of millions of dollars. What are you doing? How does this work?”

At the time, I went through like a quarter-life crisis, if you will. It was deep. I went through a divorce. I had left my consulting world to try to help all my entrepreneur friends. I lost myself. I didn’t know who I was and went through this little crisis.

Over nine months, I slipped into this depression. I stopped working. I stopped living, socializing, stopped taking care of my physical body, my relationships, everything. All of those bank accounts were like at zero.

When you go through a divorce and you sell all the things you own, and you’re in this apartment that you can’t afford, and then you don’t pay your rent and your phone bill, you don’t end up having an apartment, you don’t end up having cell phone service. I was politely asked to sleep in my car, which I did, and that made all the difference.

I needed to feel that rock bottom emotion before I could get it. I needed that wake-up call.

Over the next five days when I was in my car, I was sleeping in my four-wheeled mansion, I knew it was circumstantial. I knew that it was not me, and I could make a decision in that moment. Either I was going to go 100% towards the thing I always wanted, which was working more or less for myself versus working for a larger company.

Helping people like myself to avoid having to sleep in their car, avoid all the failures that I experienced over the last nine months, I was on fire for it because I knew the alternative. The alternative was giving up hope, not living. I could have “take it or leave it” this entire world. I didn’t want to be in that desperate space, so I made that decision to finally give it one last shot, so to speak.

I created a crappy website and a bad logo on my phone using Starbucks and McDonald’s Wi-Fi. Thank you, Starbucks. I’m going to send you a check for what you’ve done for me. I reached out to ten people that I knew I could help, ten people that had asked me questions in the past and knew that I was up to some cool things.

I said, “I’m changing directions. I’ve got this new program. It’s beta, I’m asking $1,000. Can I help you with this?” Out of those 10 people, 5 people said yes just like that over the course of five days. I said to myself, “Wait a minute. Here’s a young, hot-shot consultant making six figures, and I just made twice as much in a week than I ever had working for these big companies.” It hit me, I was homeless like crazy, showering at the gym. That was my life. It hit me like, “I need to take my own advice.” I created something that is extremely useful for a specific person, that if I put it in front of their face, they can’t say no.

I leveraged that idea. I kept creating, I kept asking questions. To this day, even if you follow me on Facebook, you see questions every single day. More times than not, it’s a question because I’m always learning from the people that are interested in what I’m doing, so that I can create better content. I can create better offers. I can create a better company. I can create a better Facebook Mastermind that you mentioned. I can create better. It’s really important for me because I don’t want other entrepreneurs, other coaches, mentors, speakers, authors, to land where I did. There are posers out there. I do not want them fed from a poser, it leads to failure. I did that for nine months.

I get on fire when I see people taking actions that I know are going to lead them in the wrong direction. The reason why I love connecting with people like you, Chris, is to get that message out there. There’s a different way. There are strategies that actually work. I do my best to share that. I spent 60 days on stage just telling the story, telling people that like, “There’s a real way that can generate real impact, real income.” I do anything that I can to share that message.

Here we are now, 5-Figure Workweek. We have about 4,500 members in that mastermind. It is invite-only. I am inviting everyone that listens to your show to join.

Chris, all they have to do is when they request, just drop your name, my name, the name of your show, whatever they need. That way, we know that they’ve been invited and they’ll be in. I’d love to share more with them.

I know that’s one of the few groups I actually engage in a little bit too. In most groups I’m like, “That’s nice, but no thanks.” I’d rather just try to stay off Facebook as much as possible while still using Facebook. That’s the hard dilemma. It’s a great group, and lots of value in that group.

MORI 234 Create | Work Week
Work Week: People are hiring you because you are killing it in your profession and your powerful state of being naturally who you are.

I appreciate that. That’s a little bit of my story. That’s brought me here today on your show.

We’ve got a variety of people. We’ve got some people that are professionals making multiple six figures as doctors or whatever it might be. We’ve got business owners. Some of them are just starting out. They’re new in their journey, while we’ve got other entrepreneurs who’ve been doing this for years and some people keep overselling out there. They’re already making $100,000 a year type thing. They’re already six-figure people. If you want someone to be a five-figure workweek type person, what do you think it takes to do that?

Here’s the reality behind this. This piece of information is for the person that hasn’t hit that elusive, exclusive six figures yet in a year, and for the person that is sitting there now. We realize that it’s not enough. If we have big enough goals, if we have a big enough vision, and we are on the way to six figures, I think that’s a great first step honestly. I say first step because there’s a lot that goes in there. I say that almost loosely.

When we get to that six figures, then we realized 1) After we pay taxes, 2) After we pay our overhead, 3) After we pay ourselves, what’s really left. I’ve done the math on this several times. Depending on the business that you’re running, depending on your overhead, depending on how much you’re actually paying yourself, if you are, it doesn’t leave much left. If you’re trying to grow businesses, if you’re trying to speak on bigger stages that are requiring a speaker sponsorship things, people don’t realize how little impact we can have when we get six figures.

Having said that, to get to six figures, the one thing that will get you there quite frankly is just being 100% yourself. Meaning if you’re in a-hole, be in a-hole, embrace that. If you’re a nerd, embrace it. If you think very specifically about certain things and you’re worried about what other people will think, say it out loud, go on Facebook, say it out loud on a photo or on a live video. What you’ll start to see is that you will start filtering out the people that don’t resonate with that message. You’ll be keeping the people and attracting the people and opportunities that resonate with that message. You should have zero problem hitting that for six figures.

What you do from there is you have something available in offer for the people that are in the opportunities, meaning speaking engagements, JVs, podcasts, you name it. They’ll want you on the show because you’re so clear on who you are, who you work with, what you actually are offering, the results that you can bring or that you do bring currently, you should hit six figures really simply at that point. That’s my little spiel. That’s for the person that’s just starting or has started in haven’t maybe even cracked that $10,000 a month. That idea in essence will get you to six figures with no problem.

That’s a huge piece of advice because even for someone like me, I was hitting six figures pretty much from the get-go, but I was still trying to find my voice. I was trying not to be an imitator based on what I had seen. There was a part of me that believed that had to be like a certain personality type to make people like me. It was about a few years in that I realized like, “This is dumb. This is exhausting trying to be somebody else because you suck at it.”

I started trying to just be me. I let the nerdiness come out of me. I have weird random movie quotes that come out or whatever. I did a podcast episode where I sang a tune for A Whole New World, which is really lame, but that’s just who I am. The funny thing is my money actually started to increase. I started to make more money in my business or to expand more as I get comfortable just in my own skin, rather than trying to imitate. It’s like when people try to pitch me on a Tony Robbins coach. It’s like, “I love being on your show. I’m a Tony Robbins coach over the last 15 years” “Great, I don’t need a ton of Tony Robbins. I want to know what makes you unique? What makes you special and stand out that we all get value from?”

It is exhausting, pretending constantly. It’s like you’re acting. There’s a reason why there’s intermission at plays because the actors need a break. They need to relax and let some steam off from playing somebody else night-after-night. It’s the same in our business. It’s the same in our lives. On the flip side, the positive of that, I think about the days where I was like, “I don’t even want to talk about my income because I’m afraid of what my family will think.” We grew up without much, and here we are, we hit six figures, and now we hit multiple six figures just using Facebook. Now we’re hitting triple that and it’s like, “What are they going to think?” I had to let that go.

Here’s the positive side, to hit that six figures, if you haven’t already, when you are authentically yourself, you start attracting the people in those opportunities because they want to do the same thing. They want to be themselves. They want to let down the guard. They want to peel off the mask that they wear. They want to understand how you actually did that. I don’t believe this just pertains to entrepreneurship. This pertains to leadership in a corporate structure. This pertains family. This spreads everywhere, your community, your church, you name it. This one tip will better your life.

It was on a podcast interview. Some dude reached out and he’s like, “I love what you’re doing,” and here I am, a month into sleeping in my car. He’s like, “You’re killing it.” I’m like, “Totally, no,” but of course I am. He’s like, “Would you want to be on my podcast?” I’m like, “Of course. I’m there.” We’re recording this podcast, and I’m telling him a similar story, but it’s real time. I’m like, “I’m depressed, not understanding what I could do, and here I am trying to figure it out.” He’s like, “How long ago was this?” I took a deep pause and I said, “That’s me now. I literally am in my car sitting outside of a Starbucks and just barely catching their Wi-Fi. That’s where I’m at. That’s my story right now.”

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It was so freeing to be able to say that because my pride and my ego wouldn’t allow me to do that. Ten months prior, I couldn’t bring myself to do that but life changed. There’s that unconscious permission slip that we give people when we’re fully ourselves, when we can just be ourselves. When we can sing Latin tunes on our podcast, that’s when things can change. It literally is a whole new world when you just strip those masks off.

What was his response? How did he respond to that when you said that?

I heard a lot like a crash sound. I think he dropped his coffee mug or something. It was a beautiful moment. It blows my mind. I’m just telling him the truth. I literally told him what’s happening in my world right now.

Was it live on the air or being recorded?

It was recorded.

Did it make the recording?

Yeah, I believe so. It’s got to be out there somewhere. I’ve lost contact with the dude, but I’m sure it’s out there.

Did you get followers from it?

I don’t know, but I will say that my friends on Facebook went from about 1,200 or so to like 5,000 within a short amount of time. It was one of those things where I would get messages like, “I heard you on this show or I heard you on that show.” It became really crazy, then I leveraged that to get on more stages because I didn’t have a speakers reel. Actually to this day, I still really don’t. It’s not necessary when people just get you. At that point, I started speaking more and the rest is history.

That’s awesome. I love it.

The moral is like, “Why not be yourself?” We hear all these phrases and cool quotes that we store away in our brain, all these memes and Instagram posts. The one phrase is like, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” That’s super applicable right now. I don’t care about another Tony Robbins certified coach. I don’t care about another copy of a copy of a copy. I want to know who you are, why you’re killing it, and why you’re passionate about what you’re doing. That’s the difference. That’s all we really care about because subconsciously we want that.

MORI 234 Create | Work Week
Work Week: A brand will always attract clients as long as it is clear on who it serves and what it offers.

We want to become more authentic. We want to live in that world where we are ourselves. People love us for it. People are hiring us as their coach, their speaker, their doctor. They’re hiring us. They’re bringing us on as like VP of Sales or CEO of the company because we’re freaking killing it, because we are 100% in our powerful state of just naturally who we are. It permeates everything. In a long, large nutshell, authenticity, let go of the fear of it because everybody is waiting for you to stand up and be yourself. That’s what everyone is waiting for.

Tell us just briefly what you do for clients, and even like a client example of how they were able to do the result that you’re trying to create for them.

Here’s the fun part. This is just strategy. Usually, somebody asks that question and I’ll tell them specifically that I help coaches and entrepreneurs to create a five-figure workweek of their own. That usually gets people’s attention. This is strategic, practical, tactical. I’m opening the curtain to how I introduce myself. People usually take a second, they do the math, “That’s $10,000 a week. Who the heck is this guy? What does that even mean?” The reason I say that is because if I said, “We do some really high-end promotional videos, online courses, websites, and logos and design and funnels and emails and all this stuff.” There’s a million of us out there that can do those types of things.

The cool part is that not everybody can boast results, not everybody can say that they have a strategy, and that’s really where we live is in that strategy where we’re saying, “If you’re trying to do X, and you want to speak on more stages, you want to launch that podcast, you want to launch that course, you want to build an audience, build the Facebook group, you want to build a brand, you want a high-end client acquisition. You want all of those things. We know how to create the steps to get there.” It’s really strategy. What that usually looks like to your audience, to your client, is freaking hot promotional video, online courses, beautiful offers that you can make based and tailored on what they actually want and what you can deliver.

It’s all based on strategy. Typically we’re doing a VIP day in person, which is awesome because I love to travel. I love to get in person with people. There’s just a power that happens. For example, we were hanging out. There was a power, we jammed for way too long. We both were late on our next calls. There’s a power that happens in there. I love doing that. We dive into strategies.

Luckily, thankfully and gratefully, I have a team of amazing creatives that do the work for my clients that make them come out looking like a freaking rockstar. I’d say the best example is I have a client, Sheryl. Sheryl is licensed at what she does. For her, she always wanted to get into the coaching speaking world because she could help even more people with the principles. We created her entire new brand. It’s focused specifically for females, for women that are looking to start or grow their business. Stepping into their authenticity is what they’re doing.

She hasn’t even launched yet. We haven’t launched her brand yet and she has 4 or 5 new clients. She’s traveling all over the world like Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina. She’s speaking, she’s doing all these really amazing things. We haven’t even launched yet. The reason it works is because her brand is so clear on who she serves, who she’s all about, what she’s all about, what she is offering, which is higher end coaching. It’s clear that people can’t deny it. That’s an example of what we’re doing, but again it comes down to strategy and then we have fun doing this fun stuff afterwards.

I appreciate it. This has been awesome. I appreciate the value that you drop here. This has been great.

I super appreciate it and I hope this was valuable to your peeps. I hope to see them in the community. We can play more.

If they want to get ahold of you, what’s the best way we should do that? Should we go to your Facebook page?

Yes. Join the group. We’re hitting it up on Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever you’re playing, that’s where I’m at. The Facebook community, I’d love to extend that invites if this resonates with them, get them in there and join the 4,500 other entrepreneurs that are crushing it right now.

Everybody, it’s great value for you guys. Michael, thank you so much, awesome show. Everybody else, thank you for joining us. Be sure to join us again next time. I hope you make it a wonderful and prosperous week. We’ll see you later.


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