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Have you ever had a bad day? Bad week? Or longer? How do you get out of that “funk” when something hard or unexpected comes along? Host Chris Miles will teach you, from his experience, how you can change your emotional/mental state so you can change your life, and start to see things change FASTER! Tune in now!

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Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

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Change Your State, Change Your Life

I’m excited to have you guys here. I appreciate the people who have reached out to us. All of you guys have been reading and following the show. It inspires me to want to keep creating good content for you guys. I appreciate this show. This show is from one of you that said, “Chris, I would love to see a show on this,” especially because a few weeks ago, as we were talking about the Law of Exchange, I mentioned, “We should talk about maybe changing your state.” Somebody said, “Chris, I could use that. How do you change your state? How do you bounce back when things hit you?”

I want to bring up some of the principles. Some of these principles are the ones I teach at my event like The Wealth Empowerment Intensive. Depending on which principal, I might cover it lightly or more deeply. I want to cover some principles that even my clients don’t always get. I want to go into these today. How can you change your state? How can you change things when it seems like life is not just throwing you curves, like we talked about last time, but what can we do? What are the principles that we need to understand? What practices can we do that allow us to bounce back faster?

These are things that I had to use a lot in the last year myself. I had to use these a lot over the last decade or more for myself, especially as I understand scarcity and abundance, and how to state a better state of abundance. You’ve got to stay in that state because if you try to attract more money and if you want to attract more business, you want to have better relationships or better health and everything else, you’ve got to get yourself to a place where you can change that state that you’re in. Not this downward spiral that sometimes you feel like you’re in when you’re going through hard times.

How do you come back out of it? How do you fight your way back out? How do you come out on top that these incidences and events that happen in your life don’t cripple, stop, and keep you from feeling to move forward and progress? I remember reading a book, Emotional Intelligence. If you don’t have the emotional intelligence to bounce back, the ability to have that fortitude, that intestinal fortitude, those guts, be able to have that ability to bounce back and do what is necessary to make these happen, you are going to find out that you are going to stay in those lows longer. We don’t want you to get in those lows very long. We want you to bounce out of them. We want you to fly through them.

I want to talk about three laws that help me personally and my ability to understand what’s going on so that I can bounce back faster, and two practices that I do to go along with those laws. Law number one is the Law of Rhythm. A lot of these laws are laws that I have heard from other people. People like Bob Proctor have taught these things. The Law of Rhythm states that there are ups and there are downs. There is ebb and flow. They are like the waves of the sea. Things tend to go up and down. It’s the way that life is.

Life is never a continuous straight line up. You have highs and lows. You have good times and bad times. That is part of the Law of Rhythm. Understand that even when you are in a place of abundance and you’re doing everything right, things can still throw curves at you. Things will still challenge you. That is normal. Life is like that. It never does go a continual path straight up. Anybody who thinks it is, hasn’t lived life long enough or is naive to live. They realize that even if you are going upward trajectory, it doesn’t mean you’re going straight up or that things are exponentially always getting better. At least not over short periods of time. Over long periods of time, that can be true.

The Law of Rhythm says there are ups and downs. Each of you will probably have your different ups and downs right now. Some of you might be up financially, but maybe you’re down physically. Maybe your physical body is struggling with something right now like, health-wise. Maybe you’re struggling in a relationship, you’re struggling with money, you’re struggling in your business right now, but maybe you are healthy. You feel good and great. Your relationships are awesome. Maybe your mental state is great or not.

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The great thing is that usually in life you have some highs in certain areas and lows in others, or somewhere in between. That is okay. It’s pretty rare where I see everybody have a low in every area of life, usually it’s at least something. Even if it’s spiritually, they have a high when everything else is at a low. There are different challenges that people have. You could be doing great in your business and financially, but maybe you’re struggling emotionally. That could happen.

The thing is that you can’t look at somebody and say, “They’re doing great.” Each one of us is going through our own battles. We deal with our own struggles. Understand that there are ups and downs. One of my friends, who was a mentor of mine, it’s funny that he heard me talking about the Law of Rhythm, and he interpreted something I said, which is, “We go through highs and lows.” If you think about it, if you are riding hills and you are going up and down hills, what happens is most time, as people as are going downhill, especially if they’re going down to a new low, something that they have never seen before, they freak out and panic. They want to put on the brakes. They want to stop.

The problem is if as go down a hill and you put on the brakes, you’ve got to use a lot more energy to get back up to that new hill. Even with new lows come new highs. During these low times, these are the times you’re developing the tools to hit these higher highs. Without these lows and struggles, you won’t develop the right tools and abilities to be able to hit new heights because otherwise, you’re not learning anything new.

As you’re going through these valleys, make sure you’re finding the lessons and you’re learning new things. It’s going to challenge you in ways you have never been before. That is something you need to look at and embrace because as you do that, you will start to realize, “These are the tools I needed to hit where I wanted to go.” That is why you can’t go straight up. You’ve got the lessons and struggles to help you grow into the person that is necessary to allow yourself to hit those higher highs. You’ve got to develop yourself into a person.

This is why when I think of my vision, I do say what I want, but I’m more focused on who I need to become to achieve those things. That’s where the struggle and the challenges allow you to develop into the person necessary to create those things. All those people you see that are successful went through their own struggles and challenges to develop them into the person they needed to become, to be where they are.

Don’t be afraid of those lows. Not like someone who’s going down a hill and getting scared about how fast it is, but instead, be like a skateboarder in a halfpipe. As they’re going down there, they are letting that speed and momentum take them down, so they could shoot back up higher and faster. That’s why you see skateboarders using the momentum as they go down to go higher as they hit the other ends of the halfpipe. That is what you need to be doing. As you start to see that downhill, start going like, “Yes, let’s do this. Let’s get through this. Let’s go faster. Let’s embrace this. Let’s take it head on and speed through it, rather than putting the brakes on and getting stuck at the bottom.”

You guys had heard me paraphrase before because I heard somebody come to me saying that she loved this quote, “Sometimes life takes you through the city dumps.” The trick is that you don’t set up camp there. You don’t park there. In the Law of Rhythm, allow yourself to go through those lows so you can shoot back out faster. Go through it with gratitude.

MORI 107 | Changing Your Life
Changing Your Life: These low times are the very times you’re developing the right tools and abilities to hit new highs.


The second law is the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. This law simply states that you’re either growing or dying. Everything is always in a state of change. Either things are getting better or worse. None of this stays the same, and that is it. Things are always changing. Realize that, as things are changing, are you growing or dying? Are you progressing or regressing? Realize that there is always change no matter how much you want to be a control freak.

Trust me, I’m one of those people when it comes to life, I like to control my environment a lot, and that tends to be one of the challenges I deal with. Sometimes you’ve got to embrace the change that’s happening and say, “Let’s go with this.” Here is what seems like a curve, but maybe this is what is needed to happen. That is perpetual transmutation. Realize that things are always changing. As you’re going through the Law of Rhythm, realize no matter what, it’s going to go up and down. Embrace that. As you embrace that with the change, it becomes more expected. It doesn’t throw you off as much.

The third law is the Law of Synchronicity. It says that there are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason. This has been helpful for me. This is something I have to remind some of my friends and clients as they go through hard times. You have to understand that everything is happening for a reason. There is a lesson behind everything. There is something to learn or grow from. There are sometimes these bigger things that work. This is where, if you’re religious, believe in your God and have faith in a higher source. No matter what that looks like for you, that is essential because when you realize this is happening for a reason, maybe there is a bigger reason behind it.

When I was going through some of my biggest struggles, especially as I started to develop my own cashflow process because I was doing it for myself. This is something that helped me through it eventually. I was one of those people that understood these laws, but I was having such a hard time staying in those lows. Sometimes I thought, “I’m coming back out. Never mind, I thought it was a false start. It is going back in again.” I was developing my own emotional intelligence and emotional discipline because I had to control and realize that these laws always work.

In the Law of Synchronicity, I had to realize, “This is happening for a reason. There are no accidents. Maybe there is one person that is going to hit a huge benefit from my struggles. Maybe my pain will become somebody else’s gain.” Little did I know, it would affect thousands of people. I didn’t realize it would be that big, but I was hoping it would benefit somebody.

That is where my cashflow process came from. The thing that is helping my clients the most is using my cashflow process, helping them be able to get their money working for them. They’re not always working for money. As they increase their income and stewardship, they are able to keep it and hold on to it better because I realized what happened when I didn’t become a wise steward of my money. I learned through experiences where I did things wrong. That allows me to do it right the next time and keep it, develop and grow my stewardship.

Even when I hit hard times or challenges in life, I will be able to bounce back. I’m still in business today. That would be a good sign. One thing that I have seen is that I keep fighting and going. I have developed these skills to where now, if somebody throws me a curve, it doesn’t throw me off course as much, even if it’s something new. I had some crazy things last year happen to me. I’m happy to say that my business is at a high. It has been at for forever. I have seen things in my business that have made me happy, where I can work less and make more money. I love to see these laws work. It didn’t happen overnight, but it still worked.

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Those are the three laws. The Law of Rhythm, there are always ups and downs. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation, things are always changing. You’re always growing or dying. The Law of Synchronicity, there are no accidents like in Kung Fu Panda.

Let’s talk about what strategies, techniques, or things we could do to help with this. Number one, how do we combine these laws together? How do we change your state? When I say change your state, it means how do we get you out of your funk? How do we get you out of that place where you feel like you don’t know what the heck is going on? That is what we talked about with changing your state. How do we switch it around?

If you find yourself with a struggle, maybe something happens. For example, you have a client or potential client that told you, “No.” You had a client that is giving you a struggle. They are emotional with you or something like that and you have to throw your day off. You are feeling bad or whatever it might be. The thing you have to understand is to say, “That is normal. Things like that are going to happen. It’s not always going to be perfect.”

Another good question to say that helps is why not? Some people were like, “Why is this happening to me?” Why not? What makes you immune to challenges? That is normal. If you ever catch yourself saying, “Why does this happen to me?” Hopefully, you don’t say, “Why does this always happen to me?” If you say that, you are going to keep it happening to you forever. You start asking yourself, “Why not? What makes me immune now? What makes me any more special than the rest of the human race, where I can’t experience something like this?” That’s what I mean by that. Let’s start with that one. That’s a big one right there.

Another way to change your state is how you can get yourself feeling better. If you want the law of attraction to work in your life, you’ve got to look for ways to feel better. This could be something as simple as taking a break. Maybe you’re in front of your computer, and you’re starting to get a little bit depressed.

If you’re someone like me where you tend to work behind a computer, or you’re on the phone and things like that, get up, move around, do some sit-ups and push-ups, and start doing things right there in the office. Jumping jacks and dancing, turn on some music. This could be in your car or at home. Try on some music and let it loose. Put on your favorite song and be excited and happy. Go for a walk, get outside, and get out in nature.

Do those kinds of things, whatever it takes to get you to feel good. Play some sports. Going out with friends to go to the batting cages. Maybe you’ve got some aggression and energy. Let it out. Do something aggressive. It might be martial arts. It might be something as simple as meditation. Go into a place where you can meditate, think, and journal, maybe writing your feelings. That will be huge.

MORI 107 | Changing Your Life
Changing Your Life: Be sure you’re doing that daily power hour each day. Don’t miss out. You have to invest time in this because it will cripple you for life if you don’t.


There are all kinds of ways to do it, but whatever helps you to feel good, do that. Help yourself to switch it. If you feel challenged and you’re having a crappy day, which all of us have those days and crappy days. When you feel that, come up and do something to change it. Do something to at least change that moment. Trust me, it is worth it because most people keep trying to work. They try to work their way out of it, and it doesn’t work.

Sometimes you’ve got to take a break, relax, maybe go to a spiritual place and mental place, whatever it is. Those are the things you need to do to help yourself switch it. Change whatever state you’re in. The key is can you move yourself away from that situation? Don’t avoid it. Can you move yourself away? The one thing is that can you change your state?

The second thing you can do, and this is what you should be doing all the time. You have heard me say this before, but this helps you, in general, to bounce back faster right from the beginning of the day. That’s doing your daily power hour or hour of power, Tony Robbins calls it, or morning ritual, whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t have to be an hour, as I have mentioned before.

Doing that morning ritual each and every single day, you make this part of your life where you are getting up, and you are moving your body. You are getting your blood pumping. You are getting your body awake. You are enlivening your mind. You are getting your mind working, whatever it might be, whether you are reading great books. You’re listening to great podcasts to get your mind going. It could be journaling. That could be part of the spiritual part too.

Are you doing the part of the spiritual? Are you meditating? Are you journaling or reading great scriptural texts? Are you praying or having these gratitude sessions where you’re trying to count your blessings? Those are the things that if you’re doing that each and every morning, even if you have to spread out throughout the morning like I do a lot of times, especially when you’ve got kids, you can’t always do it in one sitting or one time. You might be able to, but some people don’t want to wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 AM.

To do that, you might have to say, “I will get my morning workout. I’m listening to my life vision that way. I would do a prayer of gratitude as I’m running and things like that,” which I do. When I go run, I like to do prayers of gratitude. I like to listen to books in the car, sometimes at home, or read books while I’m eating breakfast. All those things you could be doing, those are the things I’m talking about.

Be sure that you’re doing that daily power hour each and every day. Don’t miss out. It is essential. This is something that you have to invest time in because if you don’t, it’s going to cripple you for life. If you want your life to be better, you want to bounce back faster when you’re dealing with these laws, remember it’s normal and natural. Act them in your life. Use them to your advantage because they are going to happen anyways.

At times, they will throw you curves. When you bounce back faster, you can see those blessings faster. You can come back faster and stronger, and see the abundance coming into your life better. Thank you so much for joining me. Join us again next week. Keep following us, join us, If you want help or want other shows like this, email me at to find out more. Everybody, have a great prosperous week. We’ll see you later.


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