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You are ready to start making more cashflow, but you don’t know where to start.

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Thank you so much for checking out my “Cashflow Secrets” course. If you are looking to unlock money in your own situation WITHOUT having to create a new job, business, or side hustle – this course is for you!

You hear the word financial freedom and you think, “that’s cool, maybe I’ll get there one day…” STOP with the maybe and start paying attention to make this your NOW! 

Education is the first step in any journey, but it is especially important in the finance world. So Many people have their ideas of what is the “best way” to get rich and live easy, but over half of those strategies depend on timing and luck or are simply flat-out lies.

Isn’t it time you stop working so darn hard for every nickel you earn only to see it fly out the window to your expenses?

The way to start working right is to understand what that means. This course will help you discover what is truly the “right” action to start building your wealth and making your way toward financial freedom. 

We aren’t Dave Ramsey! You will NEVER be told to stop living a normal life and eating potatoes and rice to become wealthy. That diet will only make you fat, unhealthy, and depressed and most likely cause you to hate money. 

We will show you the right way to track money and save where you need to without sacrificing your life and happiness. We are focused on increasing the money you have at the end of the month in your bank account. That is step one in the financial freedom journey.

Ready to learn more about the course? Here’s the breakdown:

1) What needs to Change (Introduction)

Having financial freedom seems like it will be challenging to accomplish, but if you plan and work for it, you will have it before you can imagine it. It’s not about working harder or smarter, it’s about working RIGHT!

2) The Scarcity Mindset Dilemma

We need to identify the problem first to have a better strategy and have a good mindset to be financially free. Key differences between the spender, steward, and saver mindset. Always be the steward when it comes to money!

3) Track and Plan Your Spending

Knowing the importance of tracking your money will make you understand better where it goes, and it will save you a lot of money monthly WITHOUT having to “budget.” We teach you how to use a very helpful money-tracking tool that takes all the guessing work away. 

4) Sell Your Unused Assets!

It’s hard to get rid of things you don’t use, but we’ll explain the benefits of offloading the treasures around your home. Remember: If you don’t use it, sell it, donate it or throw it away!

5) Insurance Savings

There are many types of insurances, and we will cover the benefits of each of them. The idea here is to shop with an independent broker (ideally) and see which is the best for you – Maximum coverage with minimum cost. 

6) Finding Tax Savings

Taxes will be different for corporations and individuals. The secrets of getting your taxes working for you are amazing. The best way to do the right thing is to hire a specialist to do your taxes so you can save more money. This lesson will help you see what types of tax savings the specialist could be getting for you.

7) Debt

Not all debt is bad, but there is bad debt. Deciphering your debts and how some can benefit you in the different scenarios in your daily life is crucial to your financial freedom.

8) Passive VS Active Income

There are different kinds of income. We’ll be explaining the difference between Active investments, which will make you work a little bit more, and it’s not recommended if you don’t have enough spare time, and the different ways of passive income, which basically the money works for you!

9) Infinite Banking

Double arbitrage is a term you need to understand so you can get your money working in two places at once. Learn the best way to double your money and have it pay you twice.

10) Using Mint To Track Spending

Finding the right tool to track your money is crucial to making the right money choices during the month. We don’t use the “b-word” here (budget, not the other one but we also don’t say that), we use tracking because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice everything to save money and invest to build wealth.

11) Cashflow Optimization

Organizing your expenses will make a massive difference in your cash flow every month. All you need to write down to keep track of your expenses will keep you organized and show you where you stand with your money. Remember: Whatever you track improves. (Includes our Cashflow Optimizer Spreadsheet)

Who am I and why the heck should you listen to what I have to say?

Hi, I’m Chris Miles,

You might have seen me on US News, CNN Money, and

You might have also listened to my Money Ripples Podcast where I teach and show you how to invest in alternative investments. So you can have access to your money now and in the future instead of 20 to 30 years from now. 

I believe that wealth can be generated much quicker by investing in alternative investments. That’s how I became a millionaire and achieved financial freedom, not once but twice. 

I became an upside-down million in the ’08 recession (I literally was one million plus dollars in debt).

How did I pay back my debts and rebuild my wealth to become a millionaire again by 2016?

I found my money leaks, leaned into my talents and passions – and used them to create more monthly cashflow- and I tracked my money closely.

I used this pitfall in my own life as a learning experience for me and other. I use the tactics I learned to help others create passive change and wealth in their own lives.

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