The Invisible Tax | 659

We often hear politicians talk about taxing the rich. But what invisible tax do politicians use to tax THE POOR and MIDDLE CLASS? In this episode, Chris Miles reveals the hidden tax that the government has been using to increase its spending, creating the next financial crisis. The good news? Chris will share how you… Continue reading The Invisible Tax | 659

High Returning AirBnB with Kyle Stanley | 490

  Is it good to invest in short-term rentals? Is AirBnB still growing despite Covid? Buying and managing an AirBnB property for investment is getting more popular because it can also generate a great profit. There are lots of advantages, but people should still consider certain things before jumping into investing in short-term rentals. To move… Continue reading High Returning AirBnB with Kyle Stanley | 490

The Next Great Depression | 477

  Will we actually have DEFLATION? If deflation happens, where is it safer to invest? Covid-19 pandemic impacted both public health and economic crisis in most countries. Many lives and jobs have been affected that caused financial stress and suffering to a lot of people, and no one can tell how the world looks like in… Continue reading The Next Great Depression | 477