Have you been looking for proven passive investments? You need to sit back and pull a notebook because Scott Krone is about to spill the beans. Scott is a Chicago native whose career Bennett began architecture back in 1991. He got his master’s at the Illinois Institute of Technology. While earning his degree there. He worked as a project manager for optimum Inc.

Scott founded the Coda Management Group back in 2012. They specialize in managing real estate assets. Since then, he’s done a wide array, everything from single-family, multifamily, retail, commercial, wholesale, its self-storage, which we’ll talk about a little bit today as well, even athletic spaces. Currently, they have investments of over $55 million.

In this episode, Scott will be educating us on four proven passive investments and help us understand how opportunity zones work.

Are you ready to learn? Listen in to this episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:49] What inspired Scott to transition from architecture to investment?

[04:42] Proven passive income investments

[07:03] What are opportunity zones?

[11:08] Scott’s favourite strategy when it comes to passive investment

[13:08] Investing in self-storage

Quotable Quote from the Episode:

“50%- 60% of our investors are investing with us because of tax strategies, rather than just gains. They’re looking at how to shelter their taxes.”

Connect with Scott Kroner:

One-Stop Self Storage: https://onestopselfstorage.com/

Coda Management Group: codamg.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-krone/