Do you have a retirement plan, and if you do, would you consider changing it along the way to meet your future needs? In this episode, I have the opportunity to converse with Dan Makert. He was a retired Army Infantry Colonel. He also did two tours in Afghanistan. This is out in California. He’s been in lately with the California National Guard. He’s been a productive program director for competitive shooting, bath on programs, Human Performance research analyst and tactical fitness coach. He’s now just retired and moving into this next phase.

In this episode, Dan will be sharing some of the experiences he has had with the market, how his perspective has changed over the years and what he is doing now to protect his money.

If you are about to retire or retired, this episode is for you.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:
[02:29] Getting to know Dan
[05:06] Similarities between the 80’s market and the current market
[09:09] Dan’s perspective has shifted
[16:12] How is Dan protecting his money now?
[19:09] Dan’s vision

Standout Quotes from the Episode:“It’s a good lesson to be diversified.”

“Don’t spend too much time looking back and regretting what you may or may not have done in the past, just take action now.”

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