Do you believe that if everybody is expecting something, then it’s probably not going to happen? I belong to that school of thought. I choose to believe in the opposite. If everybody expects the stock market to go up, what will happen is, it’ll stop going up. If everybody expects real estate to crash, that is your first sign that it probably won’t happen. If you listen to the majority, the majority is usually wrong.

Do you remember before the dot com bust? Everybody was talking about the.com boom and how amazing it was, and as a result, it busted. Stocks were doing great for the 90s. What happened later in 2002, made the worst year because many people found out that companies were cooking their books.

Key Takeaway:

Choose to always believe in the opposite. The opposite is what people aren’t expecting. If people are talking about inflation right now, you should really worry about whether there will be deflation? The opposite is where wealth can be created. Doing the same old as everybody else doesn’t create wealth because if they were, they’d all be wealthy, but that’s not the case.

I hope this episode will encourage you to always look at the other side of things and think out of the box. I do not want you to have lackluster, familiar mainstream results. I want you to have extraordinary exalt results.

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