How often have you heard someone say, “I have a fear of success” when mentioning their biggest fear?

Is there REALLY such a thing?

Is it possible to fear too much success? Too much money? Too much love? Too much health? Too much of anything?

I call BULL!

EVERY PERSON I have spoken with doesn’t really fear success!

What they REALLY have is a fear of failure as they grow and succeed. Let me explain….

For one person, they fear that they can’t handle the growth, and fear disappointing others. They fear they will not deliver on their promises.

For another, they fear with a greater rise comes a greater fall. They fear loss of success after they get it.

For some, they fear success will change them, when in reality, it makes them MORE of who they already are. They fear themselves and their own integrity.

And for others, they fear they don’t have the support to manage that kind of stewardship. They fear the possible chaos that might result.

And the list goes on and on….

We all have our reasons. I would “fear” success would take up too much of my time. I saw success requiring more and more time. I prefer to have time to play. As a result, I would work just enough to be comfortable sometimes. What I really feared was whether work would consume me. I also had a fear of public criticism. People seem to like you more when you are mildly successful. When you make bigger waves, it catches the attention of bigger surfing trolls.


In my mind that’s true. But who says that being successful working means I have to spend all of my time working? And who says that critics NEED to increase as one gets bigger. And who really cares? People already criticize others that get mediocre results. Why not give them something more fun to talk about by being insanely successful? 😉


Stop using the fear of success as a reason not to grow and bless more lives. Instead, focus on what you WANT!

Just yesterday, I had a client that I advised to work LESS, and instead focus on attracting what she wants. I told her to focus intently on her ideal customer as she works throughout the day. See them in her mind. Have conversations with them.

The NEXT DAY (this morning), she emailed me about her ideal customer that ordered DOUBLE what she was going to order when she went to the website.

That was a $1,600 difference!

Even though I showed her how to free up $3,700/month on that call, that’s not as cool to me as seeing fast results focusing on what she wants.

By the way, the whole reason I focus on improving someone’s cash flow is so they can focus on abundance and GET WHAT THEY WANT. It’s not just about finding extra cash. It’s about helping someone breathe and attract what they want.

“Fearing success” isn’t true. Find out what you are REALLY afraid of, and then take the steps towards resolving that fear.

If you fear dropping balls and disappointing others….

create systems that can be managed by you or your team.

If you fear a big fall after success or it will somehow change you….

Create and live concise rules, with others keeping you accountable, so you have to stay sane when emotions run high.

Whatever it is, take action steps towards this true fear. With each step comes more power. Empower yourself by getting out of your head and following your heart or gut.

If Donald Trump would have listened to his nay-sayers, including those closest to him, and NOT followed his intuition….

there would have been no The Apprentice TV show, and no global brand.

Stop lying to yourself!

Start being honest with your fears!

Stop consuming your thoughts with worries!

And start taking steps in the right direction to enforce more abundant beliefs!