You see what you seek!

Have you ever noticed that people will see whatever they want to see?

They’ll see the worst in people if they are looking for it.
They’ll see the best in people if they are looking for it.
They’ll see war if they are looking for it.
And they’ll see peace if they are looking for it.

Psychologists call this Confirmation Bias.
Scientists call this Observer-Expectancy Effect (some see energy waves, while others see energy particles, based on their beliefs).

The same is true with money.

You’ll see scarcity and poverty if you are looking for it.
And you’ll see abundance and prosperity if you are looking for it.

Both have truth. The real question is which you choose to focus on.

I had a mentor that asked a great question that has stuck with me until today.

He asked, “Even if it isn’t true, is it useful?”

Think about this for a bit. He asks this because the other person believes something to be false. However, what if it isn’t? And even if it isn’t true, could acting based on that belief be useful to get the results you want?

Your mind never wants to be wrong. This is how we can be deceived, even when evidence says otherwise. This is why I have some people that will tell me that they see poverty, struggle, and pain. “It’s just the way life is” they say. They will show you every sign that people are broke, and that is “just the way it is.”

Yes. Of course that exists! But does focusing on it make life any better? Of course not! It only worsens the problem. If you choose to only see problems, you will only find more problems. If you can accept problems exist, BUT FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS, you will see more solutions.

There is good news about our minds needing to be right. We can use this to our advantage. If we choose to see abundance, financial freedom, happiness, hope, etc, our minds will find a way to get it. Even when we don’t think about it actively, our minds are always looking for answers. Let your mind focus on that!

You see what you seek.

For me?

I choose to see abundance, love, and faith!

What will you see?