Have you ever been frustrated because you weren’t seeing results?

Ever wonder why it’s not happening as fast as you would like it?

I saw a question on Facebook about this. She asked, “What am I doing wrong when I desire something so badly but it isn’t happening for me?”

I want to share my response with each of you too.

The short answer? It depends.

Here are a few possible reasons this could be happening to any of us.

  1. It may require more time to manifest – Some things just require time. You wouldn’t expect a seed to grow right after planting it, would you? Sometimes, you may need to wait years to see the fruit of your labors. Just remember to be consistent to speed up that process.
  2. You want it TOO badly – When we are desperate for something, we drive it away because we are often emphasizing subconsciously that we don’t have it. Focus on what you desire, not on what you aren’t getting.
  3. We have a desire, but don’t work for it – Very common with a lot of people. Faith without works is dead. You can’t stare at a vision board visualizing and expect it to show up. We must sow if we want to reap. Visualizing, dreaming, and thinking about what you want is only the gateway. We still have to step thru it and walk down the path to get to our destination.
  4. You desire it. You work hard. You’re patient. But it still isn’t working? – This is probably because you aren’t working “right.” Working harder or smarter doesn’t work if you are doing something incorrectly. If you fall into this category, then seek out someone who IS doing it right and have them teach you. Doing it right saves lots of time and money!

Remember also that you must keep an abundant, positive attitude to make any of this work. I believe all experiences can work out for our benefit. Sometimes not getting immediate results teaches us invaluable lessons we need to ensure we stay humble and successful longer.

If you feel your faith is being tested, that can be a good thing. Ponder on the suggestions I offered.

Which of these four do you believe is you right now?