Have you ever wondered what’s one very fast way to find your niche?


Do you ever feel like you might be good at a few things, but you still don’t know what makes you unique?


What would life be like if you could be the best at what you do…and people flock to you to get it?


This is especially important, even if you are pretty specialized in your profession or business.

Many people I coach ask me what they can do to find their niche, especially when they aren’t sure what makes them unique. They will often comment how they can see where others have a niche, but feel that they don’t have some incredible talent that will make them “big.”

Ever notice that we tend to ignore our own brilliance, but see it in everyone else?


The solution is so simple, that you may question if it really works.


Most of our most elusive answers are staring us right in the face. But they are often missed because we think too hard. My counsel is to relax, take a moment, and ask one powerful question.


“What question(s) are people asking me when they say ‘Can I pick your brain for a minute?’”


Think back. Have you ever had someone ask you about how you did something? When people kept asking me how I was able to “get out of the rat race” within a few months, I decided that I needed to share those secrets.


Do you have a certain skill where someone said, “Can you teach me that?” Or, have you overcame a certain experience, such as death of a loved one, divorce, financial ruin, raising children, passed a training, etc?


Sometimes, we discredit our own uniqueness because “it’s just our life.” It’s who we are! However, there are others that have questions or problems that want answers that YOU can provide for them!


One thing you can count on is that no one has had the life that you had. Look for some experiences in your life that taught you a lesson or skill. Even if only used that one time.


For example, most people don’t know that I was one of the nation’s top amateur ballroom dancers. Nor do they know that I made it to a playoff round of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” in 2000 (Unfortunately, I never got on the show). These might seem random, but they are a part of who I am. From dancing, I learned that the same principles that made me successful on the dance floor also helped me make money. My ability to retain a lot of information doesn’t just help on quiz shows. It helps me retain information about money & business, and draw connections most don’t see.


Each one of you has this unique “value fingerprint” where you can provide value in ways that NO ONE ELSE CAN OR WILL! You don’t have to compete when you are one of a kind. So stop trying to imitate others and be the best version of you!


In summary, ask yourself the following questions to find your niche.

  1. What was I being asked to teach or do when someone asked “Can I pick your brain for a minute?”
  2. What skill or hobby did a person ask me to teach them?
  3. What difficult experiences did I overcome?
  4. What do I constantly get compliments on (that I may downplay)?
  5. What “quirky” things do I do?


These questions are just the gateway on your path to prosperity. Remember to enjoy the journey as you get more clear on this. I’m still learning more about me every day. So can you! Now go find your niche to get rich!