Many of you don’t know this, but the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love the excitement that is in the air, the feeling of patriotism, and a remembrance of sacrifices made for freedom.

One of the crowning moments in American history is the signing of the document now referred to as “The Declaration of Independence.”

In this document, the Continental Congress lists their grievances and boldly declares their independence from Great Britain and their beliefs how it should be.

What has always amazed me was the great personal risks they made by signing that document. They signed their own name to a document that would target them and their families. John Hancock, the first signer, wrote his name large enough that anyone could read it.

56 men signed their lives away for something that wasn’t even real at the time! They declared independence while under British rule! They signed it when many Americans didn’t want to fight. They declared something that wasn’t reality at that time!

They fought long & hard, lost possessions, and sacrificed much, even to the point of death, to ensure that they, and generations following, would experience something they never had – freedom!

They declared their freedom, even when it only existed in their minds!

I was recently visiting with a friend, and I shared with them that I hit a new level of financial freedom AFTER I lost most of my possessions. Although I had been “financially independent” a few years prior, I never knew what financial freedom was until I lost most of my possessions.

I was no longer a slave to showing off my money and possessions. I was no longer a slave to what people thought about me and my money. I was no longer a slave where I only worked for money. Although I was financially broke, I felt more financially independent than ever. Imagine how much sweeter it felt when my cash flow recovered!

Now, I don’t care as much about my possessions. I understand I am a steward of anything I control, but I am no longer a slave to it. I LOVE my 2009 Nissan Altima! It’s not as expensive as my formerly brand new, alabaster white Mercedes E500, but I love it more. It’s what I wanted for me and my needs, not anyone else.

My challenge to you TODAY is to declare your financial independence.

You don’t have to be rich to declare your independence from the self-imposed grievances of money in your life. In the grand scheme of things, it’s just paper. It doesn’t make you more or less valuable to the world. It is merely a receipt for services you have rendered.

Don’t let money rule your life! Look at money as a blessing to be used to serve others. No matter what your financial situation is, take a lesson from our Founding Fathers, and declare your independence. You may have to fight your way to make that real in your own life, but the reward is worth it to you, your family, your friends, and generations after you.

We were innately born with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How will we use the precious time and resources we’ve been given to bless our life, and the lives of those we love?

You are not a victim!

You are not meant to be broke!

You were not meant to live a life rules by scarcity, fear, greed, or even rice & beans (I couldn’t resist)!

Money is not meant to rule your life!

You are meant to be a wise & powerful steward!

You are meant to be the hero in your family’s eyes!

You are meant to be happy, abundant, prosperous, generous, and full of faith!

Where money is no longer the driving force in your life!


My wish for each of us is that we declare our freedom & independence from the grievances of scarcity in our own lives and fight for abundance, prosperity, and happiness!