How often have we heard businesses or small business owners talking about giving back?

What does that really mean?

Most business owners lose sight of what it really means to give back, and I don’t mean giving to charities either.

Let me explain….

When most people, including me, have talked about giving back, it usually requires giving money away or doing something for free.

I am NOT opposed to giving gifts of money and service. I think it’s honorable to do those things. I’m so impressed with many of my friends that do trips to India, South/Central America, or Africa to share their gifts with others.

The problem I see is when did serving people thru our businesses become less honorable? Why does it seem less honorable to make a lot of money in business (whether you own the business or work for a business)?

As I look at my business, the most honorable thing I could do is make a ton of money because I provide value, work, and self-respect.

For example, I charge fees in a way where my clients will typically make back any money they paid me in 2 years or less. It’s hard to measure accurately without updates from all 500+ of my clients. However, a conservative estimate of savings or money made based on my advice would be over $50 Million in the last 4 or 5 years.

We haven’t paid off the government debt with this, but it’s made a dramatic impact in these people’s lives, and the lives around them. That’s #1 way the world is better from my business activities.

#2 is related to the people I create jobs and opportunities for. With every client that I get, anywhere from 5 – 15 people get paid to add value to them or my business. This also allows them to pay for other services. The outreach and impact is hard to calculate.

#3 is my ability to expand as I become more profitable. As I’m more profitable, I can play a bigger game by adding products and services where I can add more value. I love having greater influence because I can enlist the help of others to make it possible. I would do a disservice by playing small in my business where only I was benefitting. And when done right, my clients benefit even more!

Succeeding in business allows me to bless families everywhere because I’m offering products and services that make their lives better than they would have had I hid my, and others’, talents.

Does this make sense?

Does this sound immoral to you or any less virtuous than giving to charities? If more people prosper because our business exists, doesn’t that allow charities to receive MORE money because others are financially prospering too?

This is one of many reasons why I believe business is good and one of the highest forms of giving back. I am able to provide value to my clients, provide jobs to those that help me add value, and increase self-respect in others who know they are providing a valuable service.

That’s what giving back means to me. Giving value and money in a way where everyone prospers!