Last week, I taught about the importance of the “Be-Attitudes” to make more money in business.

However, having the right attitude is only the start. You need to have the right skills to ensure you succeed. This is why I am always reminding you that it’s bogus to think that you only need to be passionate about what you’re doing.

Do what you love, that others love you doing, and then the money CAN follow.

I only say “can” because I’ve known passionately broke people. I’ve also known people that have great stuff that people love, but go out of business because they lack the business skills to stay in business.

There are 5 key areas where you need to have expertise. Also below, you’ll see the people that I feel are the “real deal” and have helped me accelerate my growth and success.

  1. Business mentors
  2. Sales/Marketing
  3. Technology
  4. Financing
  5. Personal Development


Business Mentors/Consultants

All successful people have a mentor to push them to greater levels. The greatest players in sports will hire one, two, or more coaches to ensure you succeed because they often see things you don’t. Below are a few that teach great business skillsets:

Kim Flynn – Kim is a master at creating systems in your business so you can own a business, not a job. She focuses on women entrepreneurs (and a few brave men like me).

Annette Mease – Annette is perfect if you want to make more money in your business and be happy about it. She teaches some amazing ways to view money differently so that doesn’t become a block for you in your business.

Angella Johnson – Angella is perfect for the “soul-filled woman entrepreneur.” Even though Angella teaches the spiritual side of your business, she still gives great strategies to succeed in your business.

Melissa Bamfo/Erin Mathie (Business Made Simple) – If you have a business, especially a brick & mortar business where you have employees, these women will organize your business so you can increase your client/customer base AND get your employees on the same page as you are.


One of my speaker/marketing coaches, James Malinchak, would drill into our heads “ABM – Always Be Marketing!” Many business owners fail because they don’t know how to market themselves and/or sell what they do. You could have the best product in the world and go out of business because no one knows about you.

Amy Walker – Amy is perfect if you are a “mamapreneur” that is balancing family and a business. Not only does she help you succeed at both, she is fantastic at teaching you how to market, speak, and sell.

Tiffany Peterson – Tiffany is the master of the sales conversation. On top of that, she has an amazing knack for pushing you to levels you have never seen.

Dino & Shannon Watt – It’s tough to put these guys in a category because they have brilliant business minds, great marketing ideas, understand the power of body language, and are incredible helping couples find passion again. Very powerful couple to learn from!

Michelle McCullough – Michelle is a founding partner of Start-Up Princess and a brilliant marketing mind. The business ideas flow from her like the Amazon – it’s incredible!

Brendon Burchard – This is the guru of gurus that most turn to for increasing their marketing and sales. Sad to admit that I didn’t buy a ticket to his event 4 years ago for $97 because I hadn’t heard of him. Now it seems like everyone has.


This one is my bane, as I know it is for many entrepreneurs! To do effective marketing, lead nurturing, and automation in your business, you need to have things under control with your technology.

Heidi Totten – Not many people can make your technology and marketing make sense, but Heidi does. I just did a session with her last week and I loved how simple and streamlined she made it.

Rebecca Servoss – Rebecca has done a lot of my design work to match the branding and audience I am trying to portray. Brilliant woman!

Aubrey Wilson – Aubrey is fantastic if you’re looking for some fast, good quality, and affordable graphic design work. She even trains other graphic designers.

Brian Johnston (Backbone Pro) – If you’re looking for a better system to keep your team accountable without hiring a manager, this is the way to go!


This is typically another area of frustration for many entrepreneurs. Most want more money, but don’t want to have to deal with it. Many companies with great marketing and products/services went out of business because they ignored this category.

ME! – But to avoid sounding too self-serving, I’m going to leave me out of this one. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I’m the Cash Flow Expert and THE financial advocate for the entrepreneur 😉

Jeff Pippin – Whether you want a loan to get your business going, or investors to fund your projects, Jeff is the guy to know. He can do any kind of financing, including matching you up with the right bank, if it’s a good fit.

Adhis Boucha – Adhis brings the perfect women that need that blend of money management and personal development. Why would I mention Adhis when she and I work in the same field? Because if you resonate with her, you’re meant to work with her more than me.

Personal Development

This area is critical to being a successful business owner and leader! Much of what has helped me in business are things that you never see. Much of the secret sauce of success is right here.

Ann Webb – Ann has created Ideal Life Vision which is much more powerful and results-oriented than just reading goals or affirmation statements. I have personally achieved goals within the first day of doing this! Although I’ve always been goal oriented, I’ve achieved more results doing this process.

Paul Jenkins – I consider Paul “the abundant therapist.” Rather than making you feel like a victim, he helps you create an abundant perspective and change your reality at the same time. He’s especially talented with couples!

Hollie Mahoney – Not only is Hollie a Mrs. Utah pageant finalist, but she helps women have their inner beauty show up on the outside. Furthermore, she’s very good and finding and removing the blocks that prevent you from having more success in your business, marriage, family, and physical well-being. Hollie IS the real deal. My wife definitely attests to this 😉

I guarantee that I’ll probably remember people after I produce this. There are so many talented people out there that can help you in so many ways.

However, these are the people that come to mind when I think of “my team,” and I invite you to use those that you need on your team too.