Warning – This might offend a few speakers, trainers, and coaches who are delusional and believe they’re making a difference. The rest of you will want to join me in stepping up our game.

If you’re like me, you’re probably getting tired of what I refer to as “Doritos Speakers & Trainers.” Definition – Speakers and trainers that say “yummy” things, but are really just teaching “empty calories” that don’t make a difference in our lives.

Most likely, if you’re reading this, you are not likely one of them because these people are too often stuck on themselves. As I’ve spoken with those that are “the real deal,” I’ve heard a similar frustration. it amazes us some people keep “buying the dream” from the many who don’t know how to get you there. They build you up and then let you down.

If you’re going to be a speaker, trainer, or coach, be sure you actually get people results, not just happy.

In my opinion, here are a few requirements for you to be influencing others:

  1. Been there, done that, still doing it today – There are some out there that haven’t even been there or done that. Some think that just because they have had a challenge, they can teach about something they haven’t really resolved. Don’t teach about emotional healing when you’re an emotional basket case. Don’t teach about health when you look unhealthy. And don’t teach about money when you’re totally impoverished and desperate for it. None of us are perfect or expected to be, but we should at least be making it work better than the average person. There’s another group that has “been there, done that,” but they talk about what they did 10-20 years ago. You shouldn’t be Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite talking about your high school glory days. Don’t tell us about the money you made in real estate in the 1990’s or mid-2000’s, not do a single real estate deal since. How is it still working for you today?
  2. Teach what you know – Don’t teach something you don’t do or haven’t mastered. The reason you don’t hear me talk about becoming a millionaire is because I only did it once. Don’t worry though. That one will be released in the next few years. I “only” paid off over $900,000 in the last few years to get my net worth to break even again. If you haven’t mastered something yet, master it, then teach it to us.
  3. Teach us the “how to” not just the “why” – I’m tired of hearing people telling us to dream big, be happy, be wealthy, sing, dance, meditate for years, and then leave us hanging with nothing to actually do to change our lives. MOST of those previously mentioned things are important, but you can’t stop at just selling a dream. I don’t give a crap about walking on your coals or breaking your arrow with my neck. Give us a solution that we can use! Even if part of that solution is working with you in your program, give us something substantial to chew on first so we know we’ll get even more from you later.
  4. Stop filling your insecure ego…fill others – We all have insecurities, but some teach “fluffy philosophy” because it sounds good to people and makes them more popular (Remember the Doritos definition). I believe results speak for themselves. I love having “real deals” speaking on my stage that have people following them because they are improving their lives. These people aren’t just “shelf-help junkies” where they take information, put it on a shelf (or notebook), to never look at or apply in the future. Real people getting real results from real, legit speakers and trainers. Take a real look at the type of people following you and how they are growing. If they aren’t really changing their lives, take a look at who they are following. Show up to serve, not be served!

We don’t want to be motivated. We want to be moved to action that gets us better results!

My challenge to you speakers, trainers, and coaches – Step up your game where you show up to serve and bless peoples’ lives.


My challenge to others – Stop paying for “perfectly packaged poop” (Thank you, Tiffany Peterson), and invest time & money in things that actually get you results!