Can I be frank with you?

I’m sick & tired of hearing people telling me what they are going to do, but few ever tell me what they ARE DOING. I’m calling on all of us to step up, shut up, and walk the walk!

I’ve noticed a trend this year (and it’s only 15 days in) where people have talked a big game, but already aren’t playing on the field. They have big hopes and dreams for 2014.

Many will tell me that they want to make more money in their business and have more time with family, yet they hide away and wait for their ship to come in. They will declare on Facebook their big dreams, but have not taken any steps towards it.

They’ll tell me “I’m not ready to change yet, but I will be soon.” Or, “If I didn’t have ____ in my life, then I could make this happen.”

I’m calling bull!

Life always throws us curves when we commit to do big things. We know this. But when we make excuses, we feel worthless, lose faith, and not achieve what we want.

The reason this drives me nuts when others do it is because I have done it myself. I used to talk about what I was going to do, but rarely actually do it. I would get frustrated with each year’s goals because I would get nowhere close to accomplishing them.

For me, things changed when I stopped looking to get motivated with “empty calorie teachings” by inspirational speakers, and I started acting and working like those who were actually getting results.

When I attend events, the biggest question I ask is, “Am I only going to be motivated (again), or am I going to get results from the time and money I invest?”

I challenge you to do the same in 2014. Stop getting motivated and just get going!!!

Here are two keys of success that help me get what I want faster:

  1. Faith – I move forward with faith that I am going to get what I want, even when I have no clue how to get it. Of course it’s not easy, but it always works. Most people can’t keep that positive attitude going long enough to get what they want. They back off a moment too soon.
  2. Consistent Effort – This ties in with faith. I’ve coached many people that were on the verge of getting what they want, but lose hope, and stop working towards those goals. Success isn’t achieved in one great moment. Success is achieved when you do what needs to be done, day in and day out, even when you don’t feel like it!

Dreaming big is the easy part. The hard part is to “think small” and progress towards your goals daily without making lame excuses, even if most people would think the excuse is legitimate.

Instead of being dreamers, become a doers. Don’t say “I will.” Instead, in 2014, I challenge us to change it up a bit and start saying “I do!”