Have you wondered if now is a good time to invest in real estate?

Are things starting to pick up in your area?

Many of you know that I didn’t have the best experience with real estate. Part of the money I had to pay back was because some of my real estate went sour.

So is it a good investment?

The better question to ask is “Am I the right investor for real estate?”

For excellent real estate investors, it’s almost always the right time to invest in real estate. They find ways to make it work in virtually any kind of market.

The problem is many people want to gamble in real estate only because they want “Mailbox Money.” I can attest that how most people define “passive income” (money comes in without any work) is bogus. Real investors know that it takes focus, work, and passion to make it work.

Gamblers only make money when the markets go the right way. Unfortunately, by the time they realize it’s the right time to buy real estate, the markets don’t go up very long and then they lose money. They’ll talk about the one good deal they did, but fail to mention the majority of deals that they screwed up.

By the way, gamblers flip properties. They lose money because it only works in up-trending markets. Real investors buy real estate to produce long-lasting cash flow.

The choice is yours – Do you want to be a gambler or an investor?

So is now the right time to invest?

Ask that question up above “Am I the right investor for real estate?”

Also ask, “Would I invest in this if money weren’t an issue for me right now?” And ask, “Do I know what I’m doing?”

There are always good real estate deals to be found somewhere. There is an abundance of opportunity, but there’s not an abundance of real investors that can find them.

If you do have that passion, find a way to learn more. One investor, Ron Phillips, owner and creator of the Wealth Accelerator System, is having a free dinner for those of you in Utah. If you want to learn more, just like I do, you can register online to claim your seat.

So to sum up, investors make real estate investing the right time because they are the right investors. Gamblers are only lucky to find the right time, and even then, it’s fleeting.

Be sure to have a passion for real estate investing, regardless of the money, and get well educated by those that are doing it right.