As I taught some empowering financial principles at my event this last weekend, there were lots of nuggets I was able to share. One of the hot topics was how to make more money today. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s much better to make money without any money?

So what is the key to making more money without any money?

I can sum up this amazing returning investment very simply:

Ideas in Action x Relationships = Wealth

It’s that simple! Anything more complex than that is someone trying to sell you something different. Many believe that it takes money to make money. Whenever that has been true, you usually don’t make much money because those that create that investment make more than you will.

I repeat – Those that create investments make the most money.

So how do you create an investment? 

Take your human capital (strengths, passions, education, experiences, accomplishments, values, character, etc) and use it to serve others in a way where money is the natural byproduct.

For example, every time you speak with a potential customer or client, or go in for a job interview, you are essentially offering your human capital thru a product or service where they agree to exchange money with you. The better your product, service, or resume, the more you get paid.

Money by itself has no value. It only has value as we use it to provide value for those that have the money. Even if you had to use money, applying your human capital to it will increase your returns.

Essentially, I’m saying this – If you want more money, you need to provide more value through your ideas, products, or service to more people.

If you got nothing else from this blog, that is where your focus should be; not on just making more money. Value Creation is the cause and money is only the effect.

Therefore, if you want to make more money WITHOUT money, find ways to offer more human capital to your relationships, and offer that value!

This is the surest and safest way to ensure real, lasting wealth!

How have YOU seen this work? Please comment below for others to learn as well.