So what is that “magic bullet” that is the source of all wealth (even beyond money)?

Is it gold? Silver? Oil?

How about real estate?

Stock market? (You know my answer on that one)



Think about this for a moment….

If all people were gone from the Earth, how much would your house be worth? How about your car?

Nothing, right?

We have a sign in our house that reads, “The most important things in life…aren’t things.”

Isn’t that the truth? True worth is found within ourselves. Our net worth doesn’t define us. In fact, our self worth is what often defines our net worth.


Remember – Things have no real value. Things only have value because WE give them value.


Let me give you a few definitions (in my own words):

Property Value: How much is your “stuff” worth?

Human Life Value: Take away all your “stuff” and what value are you left with? This could be our health, skills, talents, gifts, experiences, education, production/labor abilities, personality, character traits, relationships, etc. In other words, it’s what would be on an extended resume.


I find that most people focus so much of their efforts on getting more money and having their money make money (Yes, this did just come out of the mouth…or keyboard, of the guy who shows you how to have more money). However, these people are often met with frustration and fruitless efforts. Understand that there is more wealth in the minds of men & women than the total sum of money found on this planet!

Here’s what’s crazy! I just mentioned how Human Life Value is like an extended resume. If it really took money to make money, why don’t you have to offer money in a job interview? Have you ever noticed that you don’t go in and ask, “If I give you $50,000, would you pay me $40,000/year?” Sounds ridiculous, right? That’s because IT IS!


There would be no things on this planet if someone didn’t use their Human Life Value first – Human Life Value is the cause, property value is the effect.


So next time when you’re wondering how to make more money or find out where that “magic investment” is to cure all of your woes, look within yourself and your relationships first. There you will find real wealth. All wealth originates in us first!