Due to conversations, interviews, and adversity I’ve had over this last week, my fire has been stoked a little hotter. I want you to get real content from me, but with some real purpose and heart too. As a result, I’m going to ask you the same questions I’m addressing today –

So what do YOU Stand for?

Each of us needs a burning desire and purpose. We need that “Why” that drives us. What drives you? How is the world blessed by having you in it? What would happen if the world doesn’t get the very best of you? What would your “banner” say on it?

That’s why I’m going to share with you what Money Ripples (and Chris Miles) stands for!

I Stand For:

Creating a ripple effect of prosperity & freedom thru families, generations, communities, and nations!

Raising the standard of excellence and service by our example!

Using money to serve people, not using people to get more money!

Focusing on adding more value to people’s lives than we expect in return!

Liberating others to no longer let money dictate their lives because they are in control!

Choosing abundance when we have every reason to choose scarcity!

Offering support and resources to help others choose abundance so this world can heal itself rather than giving in to scarcity, selfishness, and feeling entitled!

Giving permission for others to let their greatness and talents (their awesomeness) bless the world because we do too!

Taking responsibility for our own success & failure!

Passionately reminding everyone that their #1 investment is in that which helps them express their gifts, not throwing money into financial products!

Teaching cash flow creates freedom because increasing your cash flow increases your options. More options = more freedom!

Focusing on finding money, protecting it, and making more of it!

Wise Stewardship – Money, like debt, is neither bad nor good. WE determine what kind of fruit it produces!

Prioritizing God (and taking care of self) first, family second, and business third. No financial success is worth sacrificing ours and our families’ happiness!

Living by example and authenticity!

Simplicity over complexity!

Getting it done, and getting it done now!

Walking the walk and talking the talk!

Doing what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it!

Not shrinking when faced with differing opinions!

Changing the way financial education is taught by value first, compensation second!


So what do you stand for?