Declare YOUR Financial Independence

bald eagle head and american flag1 Many of you don't know this, but the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love the excitement that is in the air, the feeling of patriotism, and a remembrance of sacrifices made for freedom.

One of the crowning moments in American history is the signing of the document now referred to as "The Declaration of Independence."

In this document, the Continental Congress lists their grievances and boldly declares their independence from Great Britain and their beliefs how it should be.

What has always amazed me was the great personal risks they made by signing that document. They signed their own name to a document that would target them and their families. John Hancock, the first signer, wrote his name large enough that anyone could read it.

56 men signed their lives away for something that wasn't even real at the time! They declared independence while under British rule! They signed it when many Americans didn't want to fight. They declared something that wasn't reality at that time!

They fought long & hard, lost possessions, and sacrificed much, even to the point of death, to ensure that they, and generations following, would experience something they never had - freedom!

They declared their freedom, even when it only existed in their minds!

I was recently visiting with a friend, and I shared with them that I hit a new level of financial freedom AFTER I lost most of my possessions. Although I had been "financially independent" a few years prior, I never knew what financial freedom was until I lost most of my possessions.

I was no longer a slave to showing off my money and possessions. I was no longer a slave to what people thought about me and my money. I was no longer a slave where I only worked for money. Although I was financially broke, I felt more financially independent than ever. Imagine how much sweeter it felt when my cash flow recovered!

Now, I don't care as much about my possessions. I understand I am a steward of anything I control, but I am no longer a slave to it. I LOVE my 2009 Nissan Altima! It's not as expensive as my formerly brand new, alabaster white Mercedes E500, but I love it more. It's what I wanted for me and my needs, not anyone else.

My challenge to you TODAY is to declare your financial independence.

You don't have to be rich to declare your independence from the self-imposed grievances of money in your life. In the grand scheme of things, it's just paper. It doesn't make you more or less valuable to the world. It is merely a receipt for services you have rendered.

Don't let money rule your life! Look at money as a blessing to be used to serve others. No matter what your financial situation is, take a lesson from our Founding Fathers, and declare your independence. You may have to fight your way to make that real in your own life, but the reward is worth it to you, your family, your friends, and generations after you.

We were innately born with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How will we use the precious time and resources we've been given to bless our life, and the lives of those we love?

You are not a victim!

You are not meant to be broke!

You were not meant to live a life rules by scarcity, fear, greed, or even rice & beans (I couldn't resist)!

Money is not meant to rule your life!

You are meant to be a wise & powerful steward!

You are meant to be the hero in your family's eyes!

You are meant to be happy, abundant, prosperous, generous, and full of faith!

Where money is no longer the driving force in your life!


My wish for each of us is that we declare our freedom & independence from the grievances of scarcity in our own lives and fight for abundance, prosperity, and happiness!

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How Do You Monetize Your Strengths and Passions?

mr1Have you ever wondered how you could make more money out of thin air?

If you utilize your strengths and passions effectively that is valuable to others, you will never starve again! They will be throwing money at you to have you bless their lives!

Here's how....

At my Wealth Empowerment Intensive event last week, I taught a lot of fantastic concepts to save, keep, and make a lot of money. On the final "VIP Day", I showed my clients how they can monetize their passions and strengths. To do this, we had to identify:

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What are your passions?
  3. What problems do you want to solve?

We spent a significant amount of time on strengths alone. Why?

Because we need to find out why people would want to pay you! Do people pay you for your strengths or your weaknesses? Strengths, of course! Unfortunately, most companies ask you to improve your weaknesses.

I like to become what Seth Godin refers to as a "Linchpin" where you become invaluable to others. In other words, they are much better off having you in their life than not at all. You become irreplaceable!

It's even better when you take a combination of these strengths and use them together.

The more you utilize your unique gifts authentically, the more people are attracted to what you do. They realize that you can do something that no one else can in the exact same way. You ARE special!

For example, I always wondered how to use my ability of storing lots of random facts and information. Sure, it got me to the quarter finals of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", but so what! Also, what would my relentless drive to always "build a better mouse trap" and using humor to teach have to do with anything?

Well, it's made Money Ripples what it is today!

When people hear me they say, "Wow, he's really....unique." (I wonder what they really mean by that?)

Just kidding!

What they do say is "He is the guy for me!"

This becomes more so when you consider my unique skill for seeing the big picture and drawing seemingly unrelated correlations to solve problems. Combine that with my passion for people to live as wise stewards and live happy, fruitful lives, you get Chris Miles.

Clarity is essential if you want to better monetize your strengths and passions!

As you become more clear of what "assets" you have to offer to others where they have "liablities", there is a reason for them to pay you. How do you give them what they need? How do you bless their lives where they NEED you?

The more clearly you understand this, AND DELIVER ON IT, the easier it will be for you to make money easily and never want for money again!

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Stop Networking! My Secret Sauce for Building My Business

mr-4Many people will ask me, "Chris, how do you network and get inside so many circles of influence?"

My response is, "I don't network."

The real key to networking is to NOT network! Instead, focus on building real, authentic, long lasting relationships with people.

In other words, become a real friend, not a short-term, scarcity-driven, self-serving salesperson (that's a lot of S's, huh?)

Aren't you sick and tired of those networking events where people only talk to you because they want to do business with you?

Isn't it annoying that they keep throwing business cards at you so fast that you can't even remember who that person was?

And we all know THAT PERSON who comes off so desperate for our business that we purposely go to the other side of the room because they stink of "business breath?"

I am too!

I tend to avoid those people who come at me like they are some used car salesperson trying to get me to buy a lemon. The sad thing is they probably offer a very valuable product or service, but their demeanor repels the very people that could be serving them the most!

That is the kind of networking that I don't like. Being scarcity-driven and desperate to do business will only make that person work harder for little results.

Wouldn't it be nice to work less but see more results?

Imagine how much easier business would be if people want to refer others to you because your reputation precedes you.

Then keep reading....

When I first launched my company, Money Ripples, I had a non-compete that didn't allow me to approach my hundreds of raving fans/clients where I had saved millions of dollars. I had to start over. However, I have learned from experience that the surest way to building my business is thru meaningful relationships.

From the first day on, I began seeking out people that either I knew personally, or from a good reputation, that were doing creating value in their businesses. I specifically began asking in women's networks first. I began Facebook messaging those people and I asked to treat them to lunch (My invite, my treat).

Here's the real secret sauce!

When I invite someone out to lunch, I want to get to know them, first and foremost, as a real person. And secondly, I want to know more about their business and why they do it. I want to hear about how they started, how they feel about it, their fears and concerns, and where they need to be served. I ultimately want to know how I, or someone I know, can serve them.

I spend very little time talking about me. That will likely happen over time anyways. I want people to KNOW that I want to be a friend first, and a business relationship second. This doesn't always produce overnight results. I didn't get a single referred client for a few months. I still had to do my own marketing and sales efforts. BUT, when it started coming in, it came in fast!

I did my first 2 day event 6 months later and I was surprised how many people wanted to help me promote it. I met people I had never met before. Pretty soon, I would attend someone else's event, and someone would approach me and say, "I keep hearing great things about you from everyone. What do you do?" We all know that when they say "everyone," it was probably 2-3 people. But that's enough for me.

What's even better about going out to lunch, going for hikes or a run, or just getting our families together is that it creates something that real and worthwhile. It's genuine and true. It creates trust, and when someone asks them, "Who do you know that does ____?" they will mention your name.

Business isn't about knowing lots of people. Business is done when you build quality relationships where they know, like, and trust you.

So the next time you go to a networking event, don't just hand out your card. Just focus on getting to know 2 or 3 people better, and see if you can get to know them outside of the networking groups.

It's about quality and depth of relationships, not quantity!

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What Does It Mean to Give Back?

mr1How often have we heard businesses or small business owners talking about giving back?

What does that really mean?

Most business owners lose sight of what it really means to give back, and I don't mean giving to charities either.

Let me explain....

When most people, including me, have talked about giving back, it usually requires giving money away or doing something for free.

I am NOT opposed to giving gifts of money and service. I think it's honorable to do those things. I'm so impressed with many of my friends that do trips to India, South/Central America, or Africa to share their gifts with others.

The problem I see is when did serving people thru our businesses become less honorable? Why does it seem less honorable to make a lot of money in business (whether you own the business or work for a business)?

As I look at my business, the most honorable thing I could do is make a ton of money because I provide value, work, and self-respect.

For example, I charge fees in a way where my clients will typically make back any money they paid me in 2 years or less. It's hard to measure accurately without updates from all 500+ of my clients. However, a conservative estimate of savings or money made based on my advice would be over $50 Million in the last 4 or 5 years.

We haven't paid off the government debt with this, but it's made a dramatic impact in these people's lives, and the lives around them. That's #1 way the world is better from my business activities.

#2 is related to the people I create jobs and opportunities for. With every client that I get, anywhere from 5 - 15 people get paid to add value to them or my business. This also allows them to pay for other services. The outreach and impact is hard to calculate.

#3 is my ability to expand as I become more profitable. As I'm more profitable, I can play a bigger game by adding products and services where I can add more value. I love having greater influence because I can enlist the help of others to make it possible. I would do a disservice by playing small in my business where only I was benefitting. And when done right, my clients benefit even more!

Succeeding in business allows me to bless families everywhere because I'm offering products and services that make their lives better than they would have had I hid my, and others', talents.

Does this make sense?

Does this sound immoral to you or any less virtuous than giving to charities? If more people prosper because our business exists, doesn't that allow charities to receive MORE money because others are financially prospering too?

This is one of many reasons why I believe business is good and one of the highest forms of giving back. I am able to provide value to my clients, provide jobs to those that help me add value, and increase self-respect in others who know they are providing a valuable service.

That's what giving back means to me. Giving value and money in a way where everyone prospers!

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4 Powerful DoTerra Training Call Recordings (And a Bonus?!)

DoTerraSuperheroFor the past 5 weeks, we have done 5 incredible training calls for DoTerra reps, and is also applicable for those of you in business.

Below are the 5 calls:

Call #1 - Relax & Rank
Learn how to work less and make more without stressing in your business.

Call #2 - "Make Money Without Money"

See what resources you have, besides money, that can turn into immediate income.

Call #3 - Cash Flow Secrets

Learn some simple ways to find at least $300 a month. My average client has found about $33,000 in the 1st year alone applying these stragegies.

Call #4 - Stop Networking! Build Relationships!

Learn how to do what most direct sales marketers will never figure out, and therefore stops them from ever becoming a pro.

Call #5 Bonus Call - Having That "X-Factor" in Your Business

Learn how to master your emotions, practice mastering abundance, attract the right people, and turn everything you touch into gold...or Diamond ;)



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Where Do You Lose the Most Money?

MoneyDownDrainIf you were to guess where you lose the most money, what would you say?

I know some believe it's their debt. Others believe it's overpaying taxes. Some might think it's because they aren't tracking enough.

I would suggest that it's possibly NONE of those. In my experience, the biggest money leak isn't the money you are spending. It's usually the money that you AREN'T making!

What fears are stopping you from taking action?

How are they stopping you from playing at a bigger level?

What things should you be doing right now that you have procrastinated?

How is scarcity-thinking (fear, doubt, worry, greed, impatience, limits) preventing you from finally pulling the trigger on something?

How is scarcity-thinking driving the very people away from you that could be helping you make the money you want, and solving problems that need to be solved?

THAT is where I see the biggest money leaks! It's the money that never enters your life!

How do we prevent that?

You have to see money with a different set of eyes. You have to see your business with a different set of eyes. In fact, you need to question everything that has been taught to you. It takes discipline to think & act differently than how you want to think & act.

I just had the best month in my business this month because I decided to do something different than what I would be expected to do. When business would slow down, instead of finding ways to make more money or focus more inside my business, I would find ways to share in profits with my clients, and refer business to others. It also inspired me to start doing my own podcast show again.

Instead of holding my money with an iron grip out of fear of not having enough, I would spend (or "invest") my money into my business. Often, it would mean hiring people to help me play that bigger game because I know that hiring the right people to help me is way less expensive than doing it wrong out of ignorance.

Just like Apple would say in their motto - "Think Different."

Again I would ask you, "Where do YOU think you are losing the most money?"

To hear more in depth on this subject, listen to last week's radio show AND tomorrow's show. This IS the meat for making more money, have a better quality of life, and creating lasting wealth!

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7 Secrets to Finding More Cash

CashFlowFaucetWhat are some easy ways to find money when you need it?

No, you don't have to rob a bank.

You don't need to deliver pizzas.

You don't even have to be so cheap that your friends and family don't want to be around you because they're afraid you'll make you pay for them.

On the Chris Miles Money Show this week, I gave 7 of the biggest ways my clients have freed up an average of $33,000 in the first year alone! Let me briefly illustrate for you those points below.

  1. Track Your Money Weekly - Although simple, most fail to do this on a consistent basis. If you ever feel like you're not sure what's happening with your money, or why you don't feel like you're getting ahead, this could be the reason. Using great tools, like Mint, can help you get organized much easier.
  2. Earn More - This might also sound obvious, but most will focus on cutting expenses before finding ways to earn more money. They do this because it's easier to cut spending than to find creative ways to create value in such a way that money comes back to you. DOLLARS FOLLOW VALUE! Look for ways to give people what they want, increase your means, and make it easier to live within your means.
  3. Save Taxes - A few good tips are given on the show. You will save much more in taxes if you have at least a part-time business. Business owners and investors save on taxes, while the working class pays them. As a business owner, I prefer paying my taxes AFTER I pay all of my expenses, not being taxed BEFORE I spend money.
  4. Refinance - Sometimes, people get so caught up in paying things off faster that they forget that refinancing to lower your payments increases your financial health. As a warning, this is only true if you are a good steward with your money and you use that savings to be used more productively, even if reapplied to the same loans.
  5. Stop Retirement Contributions - Same warning applies here too. This money is not meant to be blown. It's meant to increase peace of mind, financial stability, and to increase your stewardship. I find it fascinating that people will still have credit card loans while funding their lackluster retirement plans. Would you keep funding your retirement plan if their returns have a hard time competing with guaranteed cash flow of paying off loans, or reinvesting into your business/outside investments for potentially greater returns faster?
  6. Pay Minimums on Your Loans - Why pay off your loans faster than it's wise to do? For example, would you want to pay off that car loan so fast that you need to use your high interest credit card because you didn't have enough emergency savings? Pay off inefficient loans fast, but do it with wisdom, not anger or guilt.
  7. Sell Assets - A great way to get more cash on hand now is selling off things you no longer use or clutter your space. If you're not going to use it, lose it! Sell it, donate it for a tax write-off, or just give it away to someone who needs it. Don't keep things that you may not use in the next few years, if at all. You can always buy things back, but you can't buy back the time that was wasted in financial bondage.

I hope these 7 points gave you some great ideas. As I said before, be sure to listen to this 28-minute show to further learn how to apply these points.

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I'm Doing Radio Again!

I'm back!

It felt good to do my first episode of the Chris Miles Money Radio Show!

Thank you to many of you that encouraged me to start recording again, even though excuses kept me from taking action on it. Hmm. Sounds like something I teach ;)

It has been a year and a half since I was recording my old Fire Your Financial Adviser podcasts. Oldies, but still goodies. However, I can promise that these new shows are going to be much better.

Check out this week's episode of "Who Is Chris Miles?" where I explain how I came to believe what I teach today, and what we truly stand for at Money Ripples.


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Should I Cash Out My 401k or IRA Now?

401k egg silverspoonThis might be one of my most controversial disagreements with financial advisors.


I've cost financial advisors and financial planners lots of money with my advice and put it back into the pockets of the people I care about more.

Is that okay to do?

So when is it a good idea, and when is it a bad idea?

Disclaimer: I no longer have a securities license to tell YOU specifically what to do. And some examples I am using was done in coordination with the investment advisor on my team after knowing each client's situation.


Now that's out of the way, let me explain further when it can be bad. When you cash out of those investments, you will need to pay taxes (unless it's a Roth IRA). In addition to that, if you're not 59 1/2, you will likely pay a 10% penalty on top of it. I've even seen cases where someone also had to pay surrender fees because they were in an annuity contract too. So, in general, when is it a bad idea to cash it out and pay those fees and taxes?


  1. You're going to blow it on something that doesn't put you in a better financial situation.
  2. You cash it out without a plan for how you will use it.
  3. You're investing it into things you really don't understand or don't have any control over.

This tends to happen when someone isn't being guided by someone who sees the big picture. When in doubt, don't get out. It's better to leave it alone for a few months than to make a rash decision.

However, there are times when it can make sense to stick your tongue out at your financial advisor. Financial advisors don't want you cashing money out of investments that they receive a management fee on, even though most do little or nothing to help you get your returns. It's purely because they sold you a product. I believe that investments should ideally pay you today rather than hoping it pays you down the road (if you live that long to see the benefit).


  1. You use that money in times of dire need, due to layoffs, slow economic times, and so forth that can help keep you out of bankruptcy.
  2. You use it to pay off loans that have high payment to balance ratios.
  3. You use it to invest in your business or investments that you have lots of knowledge and control over. Oftentimes, you can avoid paying taxes or get a tax write-off at the same time as having to pay the taxes, minimizing the cost.

Examples of Wise Use

Example #1 - A 62-year old chiropractic client I had a few years back, that lived in the mid-west, was barely scraping by month to month due to the slowdown in his business. He got into a "mental toilet bowl" as I call it, where he lost his passion and drive, and the profits (or lack thereof) showed. However, in his previous years, he had saved a lot of money in his IRA that was valued at $500,000. Like many of my clients, he had assets but lacked cash flow.

When I looked at his situation, I saw that thru refinancing and paying off certain loans, we could free up $50,000 a year with only $100,000! I told him that although he will have to pay taxes on this money, he is getting a guaranteed high rate of return on his money.

His reply sounded like a financial advisor - "Well, how will I retire?" I retorted, "What kind of mutual fund will guarantee paying you at least 30-35% per year cash on cash returns?" Still, he was worried. Finally, his wife verbally slapped some sense into him and he understood (It's usually the wives who see the big picture first). As a result, he not only freed up the cash, but his practice started growing again because he didn't stay stuck in a scarcity mindset.

Example #2 - I had another client that wanted to know how he can have enough to pay for his son's college over the next 6 years. He had saved $50,000 in a 529 college savings plan. When we projected the numbers, he was hoping to have $70,000 by that point, which didn't bring him much hope. In conversation, he mentioned to me how he had a part of his business down to a science where he would spend between $30,000 and $35,000 to start a new office, and in 2 or 3 years, sell it to another owner for around $250,000. My team and I had him consider what would happen if he cashed out his son's college savings plan to start a new office. By the time his son would go to college, he could easily have started and sold 2 offices, grossing him about $500,000!!!

It's important to remind you that each of these types of "investments" that my clients made were well thought out and low risk for them. They were taking higher risks being at the mercy of the markets having no control to improve their present or future circumstances.

If someone can be a good steward with their money, all kinds of things are possible. Sometimes, people use their retirement accounts to pay for my services, for a business consultant, or for a new business venture. If they are willing to commit to making it successful, it's hard NOT to beat the returns of some crappy mutual fund. Nearly all of my clients get a return on their investment within 12-24 months, some within a few months.

So should you cash out your IRA or 401k? I can't tell you that for certain not knowing who you are as the "investor." The key is to be honest with yourself and ask whether putting that money to a different use will be a better expression of your stewardship.

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Retirement Plan or Action Plan?

mr-13Many of my clients and event attendees ask what they should do for retirement, especially since most have lost trust in retirement plans. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowing what to do, they keep funding these plans hoping that something is better than nothing.

This is a plan doomed for failure!

Let me begin by addressing where retirement plans fail.

You may have read my previous blog about presumed returns that aren't reality. I would still keep in mind when considering this.

I believe, and have personally experienced, that financial freedom is most possible when you focus on increasing your cash flow TODAY rather than saving and accumulating for a day you may never see.

In fact, even if you see that day, you will have more freedom focusing on cash flow now, and saving it in your mattress, than you would saving whatever scraps you have left over in retirement plans.


Because financial advisors are teaching you to spend less, be cheap, sacrifice, suffer, and save every penny possible to some theoretical date, but does nothing to help you NOW!

What I promote is helping you find ways to get rid of inefficient costs, such as taxes, certain loans, spending without vision, purpose, or accountability, insurance costs, while focusing to increase your income NOW!

How do we even know that we'll be alive to enjoy our retirement at some indetermined age. They might say that automatic age of 65 (why 65?), but what if you have to be in for the long haul LONGER because the market didn't cooperate that year or you didn't quite save enough because you thought it was more important to invest in your children's education, religious growth, etc?

One flaw with the retirement concept is that it violates principles.

To work hard so we don't have to do anything is expecting something for nothing. You might say that you deserve it (because that's what financial companies want you to believe so they can create cash flow with your money while you sit on it), but that is only a lie! Many belief systems teach that you reap what you sow, or you are to work by the sweat of your brow all the days of your life, whether that sweat is physical, mental, or spiritual in nature.

This doesn't mean that you have to slave away for the rest of your life. What this does mean is we are meant to serve others the rest of our lives. The amount of service we render for others can come back in many forms of compensation.

In other words, I see it like this...

As stewards, we are here to increase our gifts, talents, relationships, personal growth, time, AND temporary material possessions. We have a sacred obligation to do the best we can with what we have while we're alive. We are to "become" wealthy in all things, only one of which is money.

Our money is meant to grow and expand!

For example, I grow my business not only to create cash flow now, but to create something that enhances others' lives too. As it grows, it's financial value grows in others' eyes. Rather than just hoarding my money (another violation of principle), I want to increase it by doing bigger and better things that creates even more value for more people.

As I grow, I create more jobs for others. We help each other increase each of our stewardship. I could build my business to a point where I can sell it off and just live off of the money by putting it in trusts, real estate, etc. But what's the fun in that? Why stop there when I can bless more people's lives by playing bigger, create more jobs, and enrich everyone's lives?

THAT is what I mean by increasing our stewardship! The whole idea of tossing money into a retirement plan where we have no control over the returns, little access to it (without getting our hands slapped), and lackluster returns compared to what we can do by investing in places where we have control, knowledge, and passion, seems meaningless to me.

So what's the action plan?

Focus on freeing up cash and increasing your income now, when you know you're alive and can enjoy the money! Invest that money in places where you know you can create better returns than just throwing money at some small-visioned financial advisor telling you that you can retire living off your hoarded interest.

Do what you love, and retire from the things you hate! You'll be much happier than someone living off of their "fixed income" in retirement waiting for death.

This is just my opinion though. What's yours?

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The Top 5 Skills Needed in Business

mr-3Last week, I taught about the importance of the "Be-Attitudes" to make more money in business.

However, having the right attitude is only the start. You need to have the right skills to ensure you succeed. This is why I am always reminding you that it's bogus to think that you only need to be passionate about what you're doing.

Do what you love, that others love you doing, and then the money CAN follow.

I only say "can" because I've known passionately broke people. I've also known people that have great stuff that people love, but go out of business because they lack the business skills to stay in business.

There are 5 key areas where you need to have expertise. Also below, you'll see the people that I feel are the "real deal" and have helped me accelerate my growth and success.

  1. Business mentors
  2. Sales/Marketing
  3. Technology
  4. Financing
  5. Personal Development


Business Mentors/Consultants

All successful people have a mentor to push them to greater levels. The greatest players in sports will hire one, two, or more coaches to ensure you succeed because they often see things you don't. Below are a few that teach great business skillsets:

Kim Flynn - Kim is a master at creating systems in your business so you can own a business, not a job. She focuses on women entrepreneurs (and a few brave men like me).

Annette Mease - Annette is perfect if you want to make more money in your business and be happy about it. She teaches some amazing ways to view money differently so that doesn't become a block for you in your business.

Angella Johnson - Angella is perfect for the "soul-filled woman entrepreneur." Even though Angella teaches the spiritual side of your business, she still gives great strategies to succeed in your business.

Melissa Bamfo/Erin Mathie (Business Made Simple) - If you have a business, especially a brick & mortar business where you have employees, these women will organize your business so you can increase your client/customer base AND get your employees on the same page as you are.


One of my speaker/marketing coaches, James Malinchak, would drill into our heads "ABM - Always Be Marketing!" Many business owners fail because they don't know how to market themselves and/or sell what they do. You could have the best product in the world and go out of business because no one knows about you.

Amy Walker - Amy is perfect if you are a "mamapreneur" that is balancing family and a business. Not only does she help you succeed at both, she is fantastic at teaching you how to market, speak, and sell.

Tiffany Peterson - Tiffany is the master of the sales conversation. On top of that, she has an amazing knack for pushing you to levels you have never seen.

Dino & Shannon Watt - It's tough to put these guys in a category because they have brilliant business minds, great marketing ideas, understand the power of body language, and are incredible helping couples find passion again. Very powerful couple to learn from!

Michelle McCullough - Michelle is a founding partner of Start-Up Princess and a brilliant marketing mind. The business ideas flow from her like the Amazon - it's incredible!

Brendon Burchard - This is the guru of gurus that most turn to for increasing their marketing and sales. Sad to admit that I didn't buy a ticket to his event 4 years ago for $97 because I hadn't heard of him. Now it seems like everyone has.


This one is my bane, as I know it is for many entrepreneurs! To do effective marketing, lead nurturing, and automation in your business, you need to have things under control with your technology.

Heidi Totten - Not many people can make your technology and marketing make sense, but Heidi does. I just did a session with her last week and I loved how simple and streamlined she made it.

Rebecca Servoss - Rebecca has done a lot of my design work to match the branding and audience I am trying to portray. Brilliant woman!

Aubrey Wilson - Aubrey is fantastic if you're looking for some fast, good quality, and affordable graphic design work. She even trains other graphic designers.

Brian Johnston (Backbone Pro) - If you're looking for a better system to keep your team accountable without hiring a manager, this is the way to go!


This is typically another area of frustration for many entrepreneurs. Most want more money, but don't want to have to deal with it. Many companies with great marketing and products/services went out of business because they ignored this category.

ME! - But to avoid sounding too self-serving, I'm going to leave me out of this one. If you're reading this, you probably already know that I'm the Cash Flow Expert and THE financial advocate for the entrepreneur ;)

Jeff Pippin - Whether you want a loan to get your business going, or investors to fund your projects, Jeff is the guy to know. He can do any kind of financing, including matching you up with the right bank, if it's a good fit.

Adhis Boucha - Adhis brings the perfect women that need that blend of money management and personal development. Why would I mention Adhis when she and I work in the same field? Because if you resonate with her, you're meant to work with her more than me.

Personal Development

This area is critical to being a successful business owner and leader! Much of what has helped me in business are things that you never see. Much of the secret sauce of success is right here.

Ann Webb - Ann has created Ideal Life Vision which is much more powerful and results-oriented than just reading goals or affirmation statements. I have personally achieved goals within the first day of doing this! Although I've always been goal oriented, I've achieved more results doing this process.

Paul Jenkins - I consider Paul "the abundant therapist." Rather than making you feel like a victim, he helps you create an abundant perspective and change your reality at the same time. He's especially talented with couples!

Hollie Mahoney - Not only is Hollie a Mrs. Utah pageant finalist, but she helps women have their inner beauty show up on the outside. Furthermore, she's very good and finding and removing the blocks that prevent you from having more success in your business, marriage, family, and physical well-being. Hollie IS the real deal. My wife definitely attests to this ;)

I guarantee that I'll probably remember people after I produce this. There are so many talented people out there that can help you in so many ways.

However, these are the people that come to mind when I think of "my team," and I invite you to use those that you need on your team too.

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