When Can I Quit My Job?

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Do you, or your spouse, have a goal to quit your job?

What are the steps you should take to make that happen as soon as possible?

When is it safe to quit? Or should you quit?

I've begun to work with some clients who have a goal to either quit their job.

Or a goal to make enough passive income so they don't NEED to make money in their business. That way, they can work in their business because they love it without feeling like they have to make money.

I recognize that each person's situation is unique. Therefore, I don't recommend anyone just quit their job without getting some guidance for their own situation.

I know if someone would have given me some advice 12 years ago about when to quit my job to go full time in my business, it would have saved me some grief.

So here are a few key things to do BEFORE quitting your job....

1. Know your numbers - Clarity creates confidence. If you know your financial numbers well, it's easy to plan. I had one client in a direct sales company that wanted to retire her husband. When I asked how much they needed each month to live comfortably, they had no idea (This is normal for business owners). When we finally got all of the numbers, and made some easy changes, we were able to retire him within a month! If you don't know your numbers, you'll be too scared to quit.

2. Build some savings - It's ALWAYS a good idea to have some cash savings before making the leap. Each situation is different. But having at least 6-12 months of your monthly expenses is preferred. And yes, that can include retirement plans. But I wouldn't rely to heavily on that. If your monthly expenses are $5,000 a month, you would want at least $30,000 - $60,000 saved up. Warning - this also depends on what your business is currently paying you.

3. Have a working business - Make sure your business is earning money before you quit your job. Some people make the emotional decision to make that leap too early. I made this mistake. I was so tired of my job that I left the company before the money was really coming in. As excited as I was, I was also scared that I wouldn't be able to provide for my family. That unnecessary pressure drove sales AWAY from me. Real money is made during the overtime hours. Focus on creating some stability in your business. Once it gets so busy that it's hard for you to do both, either cut down to part time or quit at that point.

4. Have your business pay you 10% MORE than what you're earning now - This one is critical. Ideally, you want your business paying YOU 10% more than your current paycheck. This isn't your business revenue (total sales). This is PROFIT! Money you bring home when all expenses are paid in the business. MANY make this mistake and it creates some major stress. You want 10% more because you will likely need to pay for certain expenses that your company used to provide as benefits, such as health insurance. Occasionally, I have got lucky, and some of my clients SAVED money on insurance costs leaving their job. But that's not common.

This may require some patience. But don't worry! Your job is the financing source that allows you to NOT need the money and build some savings so you can make the leap.

In some cases, it can happen MUCH FASTER than you think if we get creative with your finances. One client just freed up over $4,100 a month getting her that much closer. In fact, her husband could quit and they'd be just fine now.

Every case is different and every person is in a different stage of business. But done the right way, it can lead to financial peace and freedom.

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Is There REALLY Fear of Success?


How often have you heard someone say, "I have a fear of success" when mentioning their biggest fear?

Is there REALLY such a thing?

Is it possible to fear too much success? Too much money? Too much love? Too much health? Too much of anything?

I call BULL!

EVERY PERSON I have spoken with doesn't really fear success!

What they REALLY have is a fear of failure as they grow and succeed. Let me explain....

For one person, they fear that they can't handle the growth, and fear disappointing others. They fear they will not deliver on their promises.

For another, they fear with a greater rise comes a greater fall. They fear loss of success after they get it.

For some, they fear success will change them, when in reality, it makes them MORE of who they already are. They fear themselves and their own integrity.

And for others, they fear they don't have the support to manage that kind of stewardship. They fear the possible chaos that might result.

And the list goes on and on....

We all have our reasons. I would "fear" success would take up too much of my time. I saw success requiring more and more time. I prefer to have time to play. As a result, I would work just enough to be comfortable sometimes. What I really feared was whether work would consume me. I also had a fear of public criticism. People seem to like you more when you are mildly successful. When you make bigger waves, it catches the attention of bigger surfing trolls.


In my mind that's true. But who says that being successful working means I have to spend all of my time working? And who says that critics NEED to increase as one gets bigger. And who really cares? People already criticize others that get mediocre results. Why not give them something more fun to talk about by being insanely successful? ;)


Stop using the fear of success as a reason not to grow and bless more lives. Instead, focus on what you WANT!

Just yesterday, I had a client that I advised to work LESS, and instead focus on attracting what she wants. I told her to focus intently on her ideal customer as she works throughout the day. See them in her mind. Have conversations with them.

The NEXT DAY (this morning), she emailed me about her ideal customer that ordered DOUBLE what she was going to order when she went to the website.

That was a $1,600 difference!

Even though I showed her how to free up $3,700/month on that call, that's not as cool to me as seeing fast results focusing on what she wants.

By the way, the whole reason I focus on improving someone's cash flow is so they can focus on abundance and GET WHAT THEY WANT. It's not just about finding extra cash. It's about helping someone breathe and attract what they want.

"Fearing success" isn't true. Find out what you are REALLY afraid of, and then take the steps towards resolving that fear.

If you fear dropping balls and disappointing others....

create systems that can be managed by you or your team.

If you fear a big fall after success or it will somehow change you....

Create and live concise rules, with others keeping you accountable, so you have to stay sane when emotions run high.

Whatever it is, take action steps towards this true fear. With each step comes more power. Empower yourself by getting out of your head and following your heart or gut.

If Donald Trump would have listened to his nay-sayers, including those closest to him, and NOT followed his intuition....

there would have been no The Apprentice TV show, and no global brand.

Stop lying to yourself!

Start being honest with your fears!

Stop consuming your thoughts with worries!

And start taking steps in the right direction to enforce more abundant beliefs!

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You See What You Seek

perspective bigfeet
You see what you seek!

Have you ever noticed that people will see whatever they want to see?

They'll see the worst in people if they are looking for it.
They'll see the best in people if they are looking for it.
They'll see war if they are looking for it.
And they'll see peace if they are looking for it.

Psychologists call this Confirmation Bias.
Scientists call this Observer-Expectancy Effect (some see energy waves, while others see energy particles, based on their beliefs).

The same is true with money.

You'll see scarcity and poverty if you are looking for it.
And you'll see abundance and prosperity if you are looking for it.

Both have truth. The real question is which you choose to focus on.

I had a mentor that asked a great question that has stuck with me until today.

He asked, "Even if it isn't true, is it useful?"

Think about this for a bit. He asks this because the other person believes something to be false. However, what if it isn't? And even if it isn't true, could acting based on that belief be useful to get the results you want?

Your mind never wants to be wrong. This is how we can be deceived, even when evidence says otherwise. This is why I have some people that will tell me that they see poverty, struggle, and pain. "It's just the way life is" they say. They will show you every sign that people are broke, and that is "just the way it is."

Yes. Of course that exists! But does focusing on it make life any better? Of course not! It only worsens the problem. If you choose to only see problems, you will only find more problems. If you can accept problems exist, BUT FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS, you will see more solutions.

There is good news about our minds needing to be right. We can use this to our advantage. If we choose to see abundance, financial freedom, happiness, hope, etc, our minds will find a way to get it. Even when we don't think about it actively, our minds are always looking for answers. Let your mind focus on that!

You see what you seek.

For me?

I choose to see abundance, love, and faith!

What will you see?

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What is Stopping You From Having the Life of Your Dreams?

What stops you from getting amazing results in their lives?

It's not the government.

It's not your parents.

It's not your spouse.

It's not even the Jewish calendar or the cosmos!

It's YOU!!!

I know most of you aren't shocked by this because you already know this to be true.

But I want to give you a great example of human nature that might surprise you. 

Those of you that get my emails probably remember the email I sent on the 4th of July.

In that email, I taught about real financial freedom. In the spirit of the holiday, I did something I've never done before. I offered a one on one Money Leak Evaluation with my consultant, Jeremiah, for FREE!

This is the same consultation we have charged $247.00 for, and I offered it to the first 12 people that replied for FREE!

During this appointment, many people learn how to free up hundreds a month, or even up to tens of thousands a year!

Awesome, right? My followers thought so too!

In the 1st hour of the holiday, we hit our 12 people.

Within a few hours, we had 20 more request it, that I also promised to receive it at no charge. Crazy, right?

Jeremiah was ticked that I let that many people thru for free!

We received more emails over the next few days where I still offered it for a steal at $50.

Here's what's fascinating (this may be the Sociology major in me coming out)....

Only 8 actually took 2 minutes to answer a few questions!

That means about 25% acted fast and followed thru with it.

Does that seem strange to you?

This is human nature. Most people feel like they don't have opportunities, even when it's abundant everywhere.

It's not because opportunity doesn't knock. It's because you open the door and forget to invite it in.

My friend, Tiffany Peterson, says that "Fortune is in the follow thru."

You'll hear people quote sales statistics often where people need to interact with you at least 5-8 times before they buy from you, but most never reach out beyond the 2nd try.

Persistence promotes prosperity!

Which areas of your life are you not following thru?

Where are you missing opportunities where you are SO CLOSE to getting the life and financial results you want, but you just forget to take that next step?

THIS is where most miss out and never know it. Taking action is good, and can take you places. Following thru on that action is not only better. It's rare! 

Do what most won't, and take that next step!

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Can Meditation Help You Create Wealth?

MeditationHave you ever felt like you're a chicken with your head cut off?

Have you ever wondered how you can get more done in less time?

And how would you like to come up with some of the most inspired ideas in your business that could solve a lot of your money problems and generate wealth for you?

If so, then taking time to meditate is essential to gaining this control in your life.

I used to think meditation was a waste of time. I would roll my eyes whenever someone would recommend this. I used to say, "I don't have time to just sit around! What does this do with me getting results and making money? Isn't praying the same thing? Plus, I could never cross my legs like that!"

However, when I started to learn from different people the purpose of meditation and how to do it, I realized that there are several ways you can go about doing this.

I believe the best benefit of meditation is being able to quiet your mind and get it working more productively. If you ever feel "scattered," then meditation will be a HUGE benefit to you. If you ever have too many ideas swimming in your brain, meditation is a necessity!

Having the fastest car doesn't mean you will get anywhere if you're just going in circles. It's taking control of the wheel and driving it with full purpose towards a destination.

Meditation is not prayer, but can be enhanced by prayer. Meditation is different than focusing on your vision, although that can be part of it. It's completely clearing your mind. I personally believe in doing BOTH, clear mind first, vision second.

I'm not going to create a comprehensive list, but I will briefly teach some techniques that worked for me. Here are just a few tips to help you in this journey....

Tips for clearing your mind:
1. Be okay when thoughts do enter. If you constantly keep telling yourself "no thoughts, no thoughts..." you're going to have thoughts come in naturally. Instead, love the thought that came in and let it pass thru the other door. This will save you tons of frustration!
2. Try the mantra from Psalms in the New Testament of the Bible, "Be still and know that I am God." This is great on those days when you NEED peace. However, when doing this, take one or two words away each time. For example, after that first phrase say, "Be still and know that I AM." Then, "Be still and know that." Followed by "Be still and know." Next is "Be still." And finally "Be. Be. Be. Be." Then be quiet. You'll notice that your mind clears out very nicely.
3. Sometimes my meditation is best right after a good workout. When I'm breathing hard, I can't think anyways, right? ;)  So I'll focus on my breathing. It's amazing how a good workout can quiet the mind!
4. You can watch a candle flame. Have you ever found yourself zoning out looking at a campfire? Same concept. Zone out watching a candle flicker and you'll notice that it's quite easy to clear your mind.
5. And finally, you can use programs, like Holosync, where they have their own "music" that helps you get into that state. I have found myself somewhere between sleep and awake, and then "snapping out of it" right when the audio ends. Very refreshing and puts you in a great state of creation.

At this point, you can focus on your vision (Ideal Life) or whatever you want to call it. It will happen with much greater power when BOTH are used. Meditation first, vision second.

Your meditation may only be a few minutes, and that's fine. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to the amount of time you use in meditation. Even a few minutes each day can make a vast difference in your results!

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Turning Your Problems Into Profits

Holiday Hangover Picture 2
I saw this Stephen Covey quote the other day that really inspired me:

"GOD wants you to
turn your MESS into your MESSage,
your TEST into your TESTimony,
your TRIal into your TRIumph,
from being VICTim into a VICTor.

GOD is GOOD… all the time!
Be a blessing to others,
make your loss become someone's gain."

In exasperation, have you ever wondered, "Why did I have to go thru all of this crap? Is there a greater purpose to it?"

I had the same thoughts going through my head as well in 2008-2009.

From 2006-2007, I enjoyed great financial prosperity. I went from broke at the beginning of 2005 to millionaire in 2006. Of course, the markets helped me get there a little faster. Nevertheless, it was a great period of prosperity for my family and I, especially as my financial business was starting to boom.

However, that all started coming to a halt after the summer of 2007 when I realized that all of my cash reserves was trapped in my home, and I was in the hole by over $15,000 each month.

Over the remaining months, I depleted my savings, maxed out my credit, frantically tried to get my business production up, and eventually started to default on my loans.

It seemed whatever efforts I made to earn more money or reduce my expenses were never enough.

Have you ever felt that way before?

It got so bad that even my wife wondered if she should take the kids and move out until I got things figured out. I don't cry much, but there were definitely times that I would sob uncontrollably. This period of time was even tougher than a divorce I went through years earlier because I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, it seemed to be at its worst in May 2009 when we lost our $740,000 home just one week before our 4th child was born.

However, I had faith in the principle that there are NO accidents - everything happens for a reason. The question was "What am I supposed to learn from this?"

I went from feeling like a victim to feeling like there was a higher purpose for my suffering. I didn't know what it was, but I had a suspicion that if I could get through that period of time, it would be of benefit to someone else.

In September 2008, I was awakened suddenly at 4am and couldn't fall back asleep (I don't think it was my 2 month old baby at the time, but it's possible). I decided to go out for a run. While running, I could hear the words of one of my neighbors who lamented, "I would save money, but I don't have any extra."

Knowing that he was in a much better financial position than I was, I created that little conversation in my head of what I wanted to say to him. (Am I the only one that has these little debates with people in my head?)

As I started coming up with answers of creative ways I had found money at that time, I knew I was being inspired and needed to capture those ideas. I immediately ran home, and typed for 30 minutes straight. When finished, I realized I had something special...but didn't know what to do with it.

Over the next year or so, I, along with the help of my friend, Dale Clarke, developed our cash flow process to help other entrepreneurs, just like ourselves, stop leaking money and have greater peace of mind, freedom, and prosperity.

Many began working in their businesses with more passion and abundance without the constant stress of money. It's been such a blessing!

Over the last 5 1/2 years, over 500 of our clients have freed up over $60 Million that they have used to pay off their debt faster, invest in their businesses, and enjoy a better lifestyle with their families!!!

It's so rewarding to see others profiting from the "problems" of our past. Wouldn't you agree?


As you probably already figured out, the point of the story is this:

Dollars follow the value we create for others. We are given challenges to overcome SO WE CAN SERVE OTHERS.

We can financially prosper by helping others solve those same problems more quickly and effectively than they would on their own.

That's huge isn't it?

I believe God has BLESSED us with these experiences so we can be a blessing in others' lives.

We have more compassion.

We have more wisdom.

And we can provide the understanding and shortcuts to help people move thru these challenges faster.

As I love to say, "My pain can become others' gain."


So ask yourself this $1 Million Question (literally):

"What problem or challenge have I overcome, or skill have I developed, that I can use to solve problems for others and bless their lives?"

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Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make

network-marketing-shoutingNot long ago, I received a message on Facebook from a recently-added "friend." I accepted their request because we had so many friends in common and I could tell she was an entrepreneur like me.

However, what she did next has happened to me more times than I can count.

She began asking about my family. Next, she told me about her job and side business. Then, as a courtesy, asked me what I did. Knowing where this conversation was going, I beat her to the punch and mentioned that I noticed she was with a certain network marketing company (that 3 others have introduced to me in the last year). I then told her a little about my company, Money Ripples.

At this time, she began spewing everything about her company. How there are more men than women in the company (okay, thanks for the heads up). That there is a great program for youth.

A link to some success stories was sent promptly. And before I could reply, she already had a "Christian" she wanted to have me meet (not sure why him being a Christian matters). She added that he makes a lot of money and does 90% of his business thru his cell phone. I wanted to reply that I do 90% of my business online.

I decided to politely not reply to her. Most likely, she'll forget about me because most will forget to follow up.

Please don't misunderstand me. I LOVE network marketing! I think it's a fantastic business model WHEN DONE PROPERLY.

The poor reputation has developed from years of people, not only pitching their business from scarcity and desperation. But from forgetting some simple tactics that turn them from a commission-hungry amateur, to a business professional that others want to refer to.

Here are some ways to do it right, especially if you're talking to another business owner.

  1. Develop a friendship FIRST - Starting your friendship by pitching an "opportunity" is not a way to develop a relationship. You wouldn't ask someone to marry you on a first date. Don't do it in business either. You just come across as creepy and only wanting one thing....money.
  2. Listen - This goes along with #1. You can't understand what someone wants unless you listen to them. When I do a lunch or breakfast meeting with someone, I want them to talk so I know how I can serve them. Even if they ask me what I do, I answer their question, and then move right back to them.
  3. Focus on adding value - As I just said, I want to know how I can best serve them. Detach from your business, and just focus on finding any way to answer a question, make an introduction, etc. If they want to join the circus, I'll try to figure out who I can connect them with. Don't know if I know any bearded ladies though.

This has served me VERY well in my business. Even when they ask me what I do, I quickly answer their question and focus on them again. It's pretty common that they want to reciprocate in some way.

I had this experience yesterday with a man that I had just met in person for the first time. He asked me, "You've been a great help to me. What can I do for you?" I honestly didn't know because I was just getting to know him. I responded, "We have years to figure that out. I'm sure we'll know when the time is right."

That's it!

You don't have to say the perfect sales script. You don't have to recruit the world. You should just keep an eye out for the right people. But first, focus on being the right person. Focus on showing up to serve WITHOUT an agenda.

Here are some "Do Not's":

  • Do Not... pitch people when you first meet them
  • Do Not... assume business owners are looking to leave their passion to do yours...EVER!!!
  • Do Not... avoid saying who you work with. If you aren't willing to proudly say who you work for, why would anyone want to join you?!
  • Do Not... tell a business owner "I think this business is a perfect addition to your business" when it's really not. And no. Adding another stream of income isn't a good reason.
  • Do Not... say that your business requires no extra time. Any REAL business owner knows that that is a lie. A good business, especially in network marketing, does take time.
  • Bonus: Do Not... sell me on the money I could make. This only tells me that you focus on one thing - money. Not serving people. I'm driven by passion and loving my life. I'm not driven by a paycheck. If you are only doing it for a paycheck, what makes it different from having a job?

This applies as much to other business owners as it does to networkers. If you are in network marketing, I applaud you. I respect you for choosing a path of freedom. I want you to succeed. Take these to heart before you just pitch your business to others.

The networkers I help the most are the ones that act like successful business professionals.

They focus on helping others around them.

They listen.

They focus on creating value whenever they can, whether they get paid or not.

They want others to be successful in their ventures as much as they do in theirs.

They are great leaders that others want to follow.

That is how you grow your business effectively. Before you send out that Facebook message, be sure you live up to being a true "friend", not a potential recruit.

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Little Things Mean a Lot!

RIPPLE EFFECT PlantIf there is anything I have learned in business....

It's that we are all just one idea, or one relationship, away from massive success.

Little things do mean a lot!

I've seen the power of one idea within my cash flow process, such as the Cash Flow Index, save my clients a large chunk of the $50 Million+ over the last 5 years.

I've personally witnessed the power of just one relationship generate $5 Million in just a few years.

I've seen this "Secret of One" impact lives in ways I never expected!  

For example, last year, a woman named Aubrey wanted to attend my Wealth Empowerment Intensive just days prior to the event. Her friend, who was also attending, was helping her thru some tough times of transition. Aubrey didn't just want what I was teaching. She NEEDED IT! Her back was against the wall and she needed to fight back.

Aubrey and her friend learned some valuable information over those few days. After the event was over, I only heard updates here and there. However, the ripple effect from our event was literally life changing and launched a very successful career for Aubrey.


Here's her experience in her own words....

"When I attended Money Ripples I expected to learn tips to create a more positive relationship with money, and balance my budget. What I didn't expect was that it would put me directly on the path to a successful business. Money Ripples attracts people who want to create success, and are willing to work in order to achieve that.

Fast forward one year and I've created a successful Design and Technology Firm. I owe a large portion of my success to Money Ripples. I learned to stand up and speak for my success, be confident in my skills, seek knowledge & positivity, and most importantly, I've connected with many amazing individuals."


These kind of experiences are inspiring, aren't they?

It's hearing experiences like these that get me thru the tough times and keep me moving forward towards my vision of helping 30,000 people save and earn an extra $1 Billion more over the next 3 years!

This then caused me to wonder....

How many people have been blessed from seemingly simple moments like this?

For Aubrey, how many thousands of dollars had just a few relationships created for her?

I know one of the people she met is one of my clients, Heidi. Heidi cannot say enough good things about Aubrey to everyone. She is referring her left and right! The question for Aubrey is no longer "How do I make more money?" Now the question is "How do I duplicate myself so I can work and still have a life?"

Great problem to have, isn't it?

It's the little, seemingly insignificant things, that remind us why we need to focus on maintaining an abundant state of mind.

Scarcity causes blindness. Abundance illuminates opportunity.

When we're seeing with the eyes of abundance, we see those subtle moments. We see those subtle opportunities. We notice certain people that just seem to stand out, AND THEY NOTICE US!

Every little thing can work in our favor, whether we see it or not. Our job is to look for that one idea. That one opportunity. That one person. That one, simple thing that can make a dramatic impact in your life and business. Don't miss out on these!

P.S. For anyone interested in attending our Wealth Empowerment Intensive, use promo code lastcall to save $300 AND claim one of the last seats avaiable!

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Teaching Your Children About Money...But Abundantly!

littlegirl flexmusclesMy wife finally got her wish!

She's been asking me to teach parents about teaching kids money from an abundant (steward) paradigm.

I've always hesitated because I'm a little of a perfectionist when it comes to teaching content. I want to feel confident that what I teach works.

This week, I had to get over that fear fast!

I have spent the last year trying to get on The Matt Townsend Show. I finally got my wish! About 104 minutes into the interview, they asked me to comment on a NY Times article about whether you should tell your kids how much you make.

I truly believe parents should talk to their kids about money more often. It shouldn't be a taboo subject.

Why do we feel the need to insulate them from dealing with money?

Do we fear they'll want more from us?

Maybe we don't feel qualified to teach them?

Do we fear they will judge us?

Do we fear they will tell others about our sensitive financial matters?


Ignorance is NOT bliss. It's expensive!


By not teaching our children, they will either make more mistakes. Or they will learn from the scarcity of others, such as friends (who weren't taught by their parents), broke financial advisors, or "financial experts."

Growing up, all I knew about money was that there was never enough. When I did get it, I was supposed to hang onto it and not spend it. I probably bought way too many baseball, football, and basketball cards with the money I earned. I would justify buying them saying they were collectors items.

That was the beginning of my hoarding ways that fit so nicely with my financial advisor training. The same financial advisor that would cause his wife to freeze in the winters and roast in the summers because he wanted to save on utility costs.


Here are some simple things to remember when teaching your kids about money from a perspective of abundance (stewardship).

  1. Money is good! It's just a receipt showing you served someone
  2. Make it relatable to them
  3. Be the example - Use the language of abundance


Money is good!

Kiwanis Club DaddyDaughter2014 smallerKids need to know that money is not a bad or stressful thing. I believe much of this has been passed on for generations. Parents see money as a power struggle, something in short supply, and something to break up marriages.

This doesn't have to be the case!

Teach your kids to serve to EARN money. And then be wise stewards by managing it well so they have surplus.

My 8-yr old daughter, McKenna, and I were cleaning the kitchen together when she protested,

"Dad, why am I always the one working after the boys leave? Andrew got paid a quarter for doing an extra chore and I haven't been paid anything?"

"Who says you aren't going to be paid anything? What if Mommy is saving up dollars for you instead of quarters? Who tends to make the most money? You or the boys?"

"Me, I guess."

"So you do get paid more! And do you know why we keep asking you to do the bigger jobs?"


"Because we trust that you'll get it done. We ask you more because we trust you more."

The next day, my wife paid her $5 for all of her hard work.

Isn't that a great lesson for all of us? The more we do what we know to be right, the better rewards we receive!

Teach your children that money is just a receipt for serving other people!

Make it Relatable to them

The other night, I brought out my computer, pulled up Mint.com, and showed them our income and expenses in January. Right now, I'm putting the responsibility on the kids to save up for a new puppy. Our friend told them he would give them one next year for $200.They have been saving like mad, and realize it's quite the feat.

When I showed them the numbers, I said things like, "See the money we spent on electricity, gas, water, garbage, etc? That cost us 2 puppies ($400)!" Their mouths dropped open.

"See our house payment? That's about 7 puppies."

I showed them how much income I took home from the business last year. They realized that was a lot of puppies ;)  They also realized that raising a family of 7 also costs a lot of puppies too!

Be the Example - Use the Language of AbundanceChildCoveringMouth

Our actions speak louder than words. Be sure your language and actions around money reflect abundance and not scarcity, negativity, and tension.

I remember one day after school, my oldest son wanted us to buy something that seemed ridiculous to us. When I said "no," he replied, "Why? We can't afford it?"

I wanted to wash out his mouth with soap!

"No. We can afford it if we felt it was worth the value. We can afford anything we want. I just don't see the sense in buying something like this."

Even if we don't teach our children certain phrases or words, the world will. Here are some words or phrases to avoid:

Can't afford it

Can't (in general)

Need/Have to ("I need to do this!")

And words to use:


Want/Choose - ("I want to do this"/"I choose to do this.")

Powerful Questions - "What are some ways we can pay for this?/Is this a priority for us?"

As parents, focus on being the example of abundance.

Teach your children to see money as a wonderful thing. That it's evidence of serving others.

Teach them to be wise stewards of it.

Teach them to avoid scarcity behaviors, such as wasting money carelessly or hoarding it.

Teach them that money is meant to be used to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

As they get older, teach them how to use debt wisely. Not out of fear, but respect for it as a tool that can help or hurt you.

What are some great ways you have taught your children about money?

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Improving Your Relationship with Money

ExchangeMoney2  Do you remember the line from the movie The Matrix where Neo visits a little bald kid bending spoons?

You know! The part where he tells Neo that it's not the spoon that bends, but ourselves?

The line I love is when Neo asks what is the one thing he needs to understand. The reply came as simply,

"There is no spoon."

I've seen this true with money as well.

There are philosophies out there that say you should carry cash because it makes it more real. Or some people even say you should talk to your money like you have schizophrenia or something.

Can I share with you what worked for me?


Just like there was no spoon in The Matrix, money isn't real either. If you focus on the money, whether it's cash, or numbers on a bank statement, you're missing the point.

In 2006, my view of money changed. When it shifted to what it really was, making money became much easier. I couldn't stop it from coming in. Here's what changed in my perception that changed my reality:

Money (including currency, gold, silver, etc) is NOT real. It only represents value given or value promised to be given. In other words, money is simply a receipt of value.

Nothing more!

If you want more of those "receipts," focus on offering value to someone else. It's not rocket science! Even though every financial person out there will make it sound like it is. It's not a mystery. It's cause and effect! It's a simple formula!

I teach about 3 paradigms.

Two are in scarcity (spenders and savers) and one is based in abundance (stewards).

SAVERS - When "savers" save, they can never save enough. They also want to hold on to the money. They will keep saving until the day they die because they fear they will never have enough. They don't like to spend at all. Any dollar spent is money they can't put away for "someday." They will put money away much like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter.

They also despise debt, even if it can be used wisely. And they hate ever having to use it in the first place. They can never pay it off fast enough. Even when it's paid off, they will only feel temporary relief. Then they will just put every dollar towards saving. They put a lot of emphasis on ownership and "owning things outright." They believe having money creates freedom. However, they never believe they have enough to use. At best, they will live off the interest of whatever little they have accumulated.

SPENDERS - Spenders believe spending money gives them freedom. Money is "easy come, easy go." Some will spend because they are worried it will either be used for something they don't want, like an emergency or something breaking down. Others spend because they were raised by a parent who hoards and saves money. As a result, they do the opposite extreme. And some just get a thrill from it and always manage to survive...barely. They are a slave to their future paychecks.

STEWARDS - Stewards are much different energetically. They use the best traits of savers and spenders. They will save, but for a specific purpose. Their purpose is to utilize the resources they have to multiply, increase, beautify, and create value. They don't see money as their own. They know their purpose is to use it to improve lives around them and make the world a better place. Money flows thru them and returns with an increase because they use it wisely. They don't fear spending money. They utilize whatever resources they have. If they aren't going to use it, they give away, or sell, those resources to someone who will be a better steward of it.

The interesting thing is money always seems to flow right back to them. They always seem to be giving, but they never seem to want. They have an abundance of money, resources, and anything else they need.

Stewards still save money. They even like to have cash on hand. Knowing they have money to USE is the physical manifestation of freedom for them. They seek freedom thru having options. This is why I emphasize cash flow so often. Cash flow creates options, which also creates freedom.

Accumulating money doesn't create freedom. Accelerating money, by seeking to provide value for others, creates freedom.

So coming back to my point with the carrying cash vs. having money in the bank. There should be no difference from our point of view how we carry it. Why? Because both of them are symbols. Nothing more.

If you don't know the meaning behind that symbol, you'll never create a great relationship with money. If you forget what is the cause of that money, you create your own "golden calf." It's like trying to fill up on Doritos and wondering why your body doesn't feel nourished.

Money, ALL OF IT, is rooted in service you have rendered, or service you will render. If you inherit money, you inherited receipts of service rendered by someone else. Service is the cause of money, not money itself.

The point is this. See money for what it really is - evidence of service.

Once you see cash, or numbers on an account statement, as the manifestation of value or service rendered, you'll realize that most of us have never had a real spiritual relationship with money. This is why most don't see money as a wonderful thing. They see it as a stressful thing.

As the bald kid said in the movie, "There is no spoon." Stop looking at the money and look what's behind it - service!

Stop working so hard for something that is fake. That's the hard way.

Work for others.

Serve them.

Solve problems for them.

Make their lives better. Always look for ways to create value for them. If you do that, money flows easily. And you'll have no problem having a powerful relationship with money.

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6 Signs that You're a Gambler, Not an Investor

Gambling-ProblemDo you believe you're investing when you're actually gambling?

Are you sure?

I will come across people or clients from time to time that believe they are investing. However, they are actually gambling. Could this be you?

There is a HUGE difference in mindset between the two and it may not be what you think. If you're a business owner, this applies to you just as much!

Here's the 6 warning signs to determine whether you're an investor or a gambler, posing as an investor.

  1. No rules - Most people have NO rules. If you don't have any rules, you are a gambler. No, saying, "I only invest in things that make me money" is not even close. Rules are never broken. Remember the movie "Pirates of the Carribbean?" Captain Barbosa referenced the Pirate Code when he discredited it by saying, "The code is not so much a set of rules as they are guidelines (said with a cool pirate accent)." Rules are absolutes. For example, one of my rules is: "Never make a decision in scarcity (feelings of fear, doubt, greed, impatience, etc)." I will wait to make a decision until I feel calm and confident. This ties in with my rule "When in doubt, stay out."
  2. You invest in things you can't control - Do you invest in things you control in your business? Do you own and control your assets (like real estate)? Or do you invest in things, like mutual funds? You have NO control over mutual funds. And no, picking the fund doesn't count. If it goes down, you can't make a call and make it go back up. Real investors don't invest in mutual funds. They invest in real assets that they control.
  3. You believe that high risks give you high returns - If you believe this, you are a gambler. When did a 70% chance of loss become a 70% chance of winning. Isn't the highest risk financial investment a lottery ticket? Why not "invest" in those? Because it's foolish, right? Exactly! Tying in with #2 above, real investors want control and to take as little risk as possible.
  4. You believe diversifying is buying different mutual funds - Diversifying is just admitting you have no clue what you're doing. One of the richest men in the world, Carlos Slim said in an interview with Larry King that whenever he didn't follow his father's advice and invested outside of his business, he lost money. Wealthy people have different assets, but they stay focused in just a few areas. They focus on areas they know a lot about. Business owners focus on their businesses. Real estate investors focus on their real estate. And so on. One person I know even believed that he should buy multiple investments from multiple people. He said, "I diversify my investments and the people I invest with." He had more than 25 different investments that he couldn't keep track of. Oh and they were nearly all in mutual funds and in speculative ventures where he had no control or experience. Crazy! Furthermore, a mutual fund is not diversifying when you are only in paper assets. 2008 proved this when the majority of equity AND bond mutual funds were losing money. The stock market is not a respecter of persons.
  5. You listen to the news - An amateur believes what they hear in the news. Oh yes, we've all met them. They go spewing off about the economy and how much they know...and they still don't make a lot of money off of that "knowledge." Don't listen to that brother-in-law who happened to take a few economics classes in college. Don't listen to financial news shows that are paid nicely by investment companies that want your money. Listen to those that really get it and do it!
  6. You listen to broke financial salespeople - Very similar to #5. If you listen to the typical financial advisor who really only sells you products, but doesn't understand investing themselves, then you're gambling. I have had a few clients that had advisors tell them that they thought the market will keep going up and should invest in ALL equity-based (stock) funds after 6 bullish (up) years in a row! Read my Y2K15 post, and you'll know why that's pretty foolish.

It comes down to this. Don't do what everyone else does. Do only what the successful do.

They have firm rules.

They invest in what they can control.

They take low risks. They only take risks they understand.

They focus on investing in what they know really well (and are passionate about, I might add).

They listen to their experience and intuition and/or those that are actually doing it. No posers allowed!

Learn to be an investor that makes money. Not a gambler who sees "easy come, easy go."

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