One of the biggest money leaks I see in my clients is they are so focused on the expenses, they forget about making money.

As you’ll here me say time and time again, dollars follow the value you create for others. You need to be a creator, not a consumer, if you want to make more money.

Below are 5 easy ideas to earn more money fast!

  1. Get another job – You’ve probably thought about this one and cringed. I’m starting with the easier answers for a reason. I’ve told several of my clients that it is probably a good idea to just get another job. Trading time for money isn’t ideal, but it’s better than doing nothing, especially if you are having a hard time getting your business off the ground. When I first started out in business, I recognized that I made more money in my business when I wasn’t worrying about money.
  2. Ask for more – If you work for an employer, ask them, “What can I do for you and the company that would earn me a raise?” Get the answer and hold them to it. If they are elusive, keep asking what else you could be doing that they would value more. If you are in business, look at increasing your prices without increasing your time involvement. I’ve had many of my small business clients raise their prices, especially if it’s been awhile. If the person who comes in every week to simply clock in and clock out can get a raise every year, why shouldn’t you?
  3. Build a business – This one can take some time depending on the business. However, if you have a hobby or the ability to consult others, you might have a simple business that can start paying you quickly. You can set your own hours and pay. What’s better than that? If you don’t know how to start one, team up with a company that does direct sales or network marketing. They take care of many of the business aspects for you and often have great training to improve your business skills.
  4. Become an affiliate – If you have a gift for referring people to other businesses, put that talent to use and see if there is a referral fee or marketing kickback. This method allowed me to retire when I was 28 because I was able to connect potential customers/clients with quality business owners. Everyone would win, including me.
  5. Become an investor/partner – This one is a bit more sophisticated, but can also be rewarding. Could you put your money, credit, and/or knowledge to good use and earn money? Would you be a great consultant inside someone else’s business where they would offer profit sharing or even a partnership? Remember! You don’t have to build a business, but you still need to provide value in some way where the compensation is reasonable for your abilities and skills.

The simple truth is this – There is never a reason to say that you can’t make more money. I just listed 5 easy and powerful ideas to earning more money. If you find yourself making excuses, then your biggest money leak is happening between your two ears.

What are some other easy ideas you have used to earn more money?