Although I’ve been talking about this for 6 or 7 years, I’m making a bold prediction that most in the media ignore because it’s NOT comforting for the average person. In fact, it’s down right frightening!

(Don’t despair too much. Unlike some of those conspiracy theorists out there with no answers, I do have a solution to this)



PREDICTION – Within the next 5 years, it will be common knowledge that faith in retirement plans will be drastically lessened and people will start panicking because the Baby Boomers will still need to work due to small retirement funds. And if you thought 2008 was bad, just wait!!!


Right now, I find a lot of Baby Boomers (and Gen X’ers, like me) ignoring the writing on the wall. In fact, just last night, I had a 60-year old tell me that between social security and his $70,000 of retirement savings (that hasn’t been taxed yet) should be okay. I called “bull!”

  1. Have you noticed prices doubling at your grocery store?
  2. Have you noticed taxes going up?
  3. Have you noticed there are a lot of Boomers hoping someone will bail them out?
  4. Did you know that if we went off of unemployment calculations from the Carter era, we’d be at 23.4% unemployment?
  5. Do you realize that government policies are destroying company profits which will, in turn, destroy your retirement plans?
  6. Do you realize that because of the Baby Boomers’ refusal to want children, there are less workers to provide any government benefits to them?
  7. And did you realize that because of all of this, and more, there will be a domino effect (in housing, stock markets, and inflation) that will ruin any hope of retirement plans working for the younger generations who will NEVER be able to save enough to provide any decent retirement using their 401k’s and IRA’s?


THAT is why I’m concerned about our future. Shouldn’t you be as well, or do you want to wish upon a star that “things will just work out?”

Gone are the days of the ideal retirement where you can save in your retirement plans, pay off your debt, and be enjoying your days with a perfect tan and flowing hair at the beach or golf course! The banks and financial institutions show you those pictures so they can continue making money while you beg for scraps.

Because everyone else is trying to take care of their own needs, no one will be there to bail you out. You, and your family, would be scrambling to find ways to make ends meet. If you think it’s hard now, just wait and see!

Can you see why I have such a passion to serve you and make a large impact in your lives?!


The Solution!

Fortunately, there will be some of us that won’t be affected as much. Although we’ll feel some of the impact, we control our own “economy.”

We don’t rely on government programs or retirement plans where we have no control over the outcome.

We don’t put our heads down like work horses (or do nothing) and then “hope for change.”

We focus on investing in ourselves and in our ability to provide value for others.

We store our money in places that we can control and won’t be affected as much by whims of the markets.

We are investors, not gamblers

We focus on cash flow, not savings and debt so we can someday “live off the interest” which would require most to have at least $2 Million in savings to maintain a middle class lifestyle.

We prepare for the worst, but expect the best.

We provide jobs while others complain and feel entitled to mooch off others’ labor to support them.

We create our lives while others want someone else to solve their problems.

We are those that rise out of the ashes, happy, full of hope, and making a difference.

We are wise stewards of all we have.

We are abundant while others suffer in scarcity and lack.

We are free and prosperous.

We provide value for others, and as a result, have everything that we need.



Which person will you be in 5 or 10 years?

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